Saturday, September 29, 2007

Saturday Night Excitement

I just had dinner. Bread and soup. And not even soup with stuff in it, it was all like broth. That's what K left me to eat. Nothing but bread and broth. (Which by the way is a complete and utter lie, I'm just to lazy to go to the store to procure food stuff and don't feel like actually COOKING the food in the casa de Karmically Challenged.)

Not only am I eating like a peasant, I also have a fucking headache. Sinus headaches are the BOMB! So I've taken some pain killers like an hour ago and I just now took an allergy tablet... and a wine cooler. What? It's not like I'm driving anywhere! (read above statement of laziness) And honestly maybe the resulting damage to my liver from the Tylenol and booze will make me forget my headache. I kid! I kid! I don't even have Tylenol. I prefer to stick with The Republican's choice of meds - hydrocodone. Again with the joking! Stop giving me that look and making the 12 step program comments. I'm not a Republican and the only ones taking hydrocodone in this house are K and the cats. But I digress. As usual.

What was I talking about? Sheesh I just took this stuff and I'm already on the verge of passing out on the couch like Britney Spears on a Monday afternoon.

So after K and the Tiny Terrorists left I fell asleep on the couch only to awaken with a start from a very strange dream. I dreamed that I was in the car with Bruce Willis and he was driving. A car cut right in front of us and he turned to miss hitting it and I flinched as we passed just inches from the car... and I flinched for real and woke myself up. Isn't that weird? Why don't I ever have dreams where I'm having fabulous sex and the amazing orgasm wakes me up?

Okay, I'll go now.
Every Freaking Day!

NaBloPoMo (sounds dirty doesn't it?). Posting that is. Everyday for the month of November. I know it's a month away, but WTF, I'm getting an early start! (I know, it's a novel concept) Go check it out and sign up for it. It could be fun... or it could be one really long month full of really shitty posts about my cats and my BOBs. Whatever, I've joined, I'm committed. I'll be bringing a certain level of class to the whole thing. Just wait and see... oh yeah and I'll be doing exactly what I do now with multiple blogs - I'll be post the EXACT same thing on each one. Cut and paste baby! Come on, it's enough of a stretch to get me to post about anything of substance, you don't honestly think I could write something completely independent and fresh and new and all that happy crap every day? If you do, then say so... and suggest a topic or theme or something... like my shoe collection or my art work or my frequent mastabatory activities and the lubes I like. Give me a shout out, let me know.

Moving on...

Continuing Computer Crisis

We have managed to locate the whosie-whatsit code number required to get Windows working but the computer is still not FUNCTIONAL as the reinstall Windows seems to have deleted some vital things such as the driver for my video card and the ethernet information so that my compuer can hook onto the internet. KKKHHHHHHAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!! Oh... sorry, just seemed like an appropriate time to say that. K worked on my computer problems right after I got home and said many, many swear words. This unfortunately made him late to leave with the offspring to go spend time with his boyfriend but gave me the opportunity to see Bruce Willis for a short visit. *sigh* That man makes me melt. No really, he does, I felt all wet when I left. Nothing happened you filthy minded reader. Anyway when I returned my K was asleep on the sofa and my computer was still non operational. K kindly yet grudgingly agreed to leave his computer here for me so that I wouldn't be stuck just watching tv all night... which is more than likely what I would do since I can't access my music on my computer at the moment. (Damn... I wanted to change the music on my mp3 and add the Divinyls 'I Touch My Self' since I heard it on the way to Bruce Willis' casa... how appropriate - go ahead, click the link, you know you want to.)

Other than that, I have some painting to do, some sewing to do and some masturbating to do to keep me occupied for the evening. So what are you up to this fine evening?

Caturday Before Coffee

Poor cat, I better get her coffee now.

Thanks for the phone call last night Bruce Wilis.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Frustrating Friday

Fuck, today has had it out for me. I post about being all happy and crap and the universe has to do everything possible to change that. BASTARD UNIVERSE!

It started out with coffee... I made myself coffee as I often do, upon looking at my coffee carefully post brewing I noticed it looked alarmingly weak and then realized that I had in fact NOT put the coffee grounds INTO the coffee pot. So my lovely cup of coffee became a cup of tea- well I didn't really want to wait another 5 minutes for a cup of coffee and figured that since the water was hot already, might as well use it.

THEN later while I was multi-tasking (read having multipule tabs open and wasting time) online my computer got attitude. I was forced to restart said computer. That was a BAAAAAAD thing. She still had attitude upon the restart and refused to resume play as usual saying something about needing a boot disk or some sush bullshit. What an asshole computer! I got on my phone and messaged K asking him what to do and he said "blah, blah, blah, Windows disk, blah, blah, blah..." So I scrounged around for a disk that said Windows on it and slipped it in the drive and restarted the computer.

Something happend then, not sure what, short attention span. Next thing I know it's asking for some special code, and well I have the distinct feeling that I missed a VALUABLE step of what K said that I sould have done. Oh fine. The universe hates me and my being on the internet. So.. I've been offlne all day except for the occasional IMing on my phone (that makes my thumb hurt!).

BUT have no fear! I DID manage to get a photo of MY CAT! And lucky for you reader, its a glamorous ACTION shot. If you look closely, past the bowl of tuna (hey my cat only get's the best... when I forget to buy them food...) you can just barely make out the OTHER cat dining next to her, but WHO cares about her? She won't let me take her photo! Sunshine is the star here! Enjoy all the glamor and hairball hacking goodness that is MY CAT!

Okay, yeah, moving on. Last night after a lovely sushi dinner I saw Resident Evil 3. Good movie, I liked most of it. And Mila... is HOT!

Okay I guess K would appreciate me not holding his computer hostage any longer... but ya know... I some how think he's behind the demise of my computer (that Mac loving gay man!). He has a long history of fucking up my computer when I ask him to check something out for me or to fix it. Last night I asked him to check if there was a way to make more room on my hard drive because it was pretty cool, when I got home he said he made a little room but I needed a new hard drive. I guess that was his way of telling me he sabotaged my computer again. Damn him and his gay agenda to kill my computer! That and him gaying up my crossword puzzles by finishing them! Thats just WRONG!

Okay, I'm done now.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

I Can Has Bible?

I nearly laughed my ass off at this. LOL Cats do The Bible, sure to offend just about EVERYONE and amuse the rest.
What I Am

K and I just had this exchange online:

ME: what do you want for dinner?
HIM: Food!
ME: okay, I'm sure you'll enjoy the dry noodles then.
HIM: How is it you say food and I eventually find out what you want? I say food and I get dried noodles?
ME: because I'm one of those words that you yell out the car while driving behind an inconsiderate driver and you are a nice person who only wishes to please others.
HIM: Uh huh...what do you want for dinner?
ME: Bruce Willis.

Is There Prozac In My Water?

Oddly enough I've been exceedingly HAPPY of late! Maybe it's the job that I love or the recognition I'm getting at work or the NEW BOB or the Bruce Willis lunches. Maybe it's all of the above. Or it's possible I've gone completly insane and it's just me hallucinating! Whatever it is, I hope it doesn't stop!

Lunches Rock

Bruce Willis, thanks for lunch today, we should do that
MUCH more often.

TRF Bound!

I've put in for my two weekends off to go to TRF Pirate weekend (Oct 20-21) and Halloween weekend (Oct 27-28). So I'm commited! Or I should be, whatever. Remember people - the FUNDRAISER BREAKFAST is the morning of Oct 20th! The next weekend is Halloween weekend and also Asian Invasion weekend as the Fu Clan will be there. I will definitly be there representing *strikes gang pose* as Su King, sister to Fu King. *bows* You know you don't want to miss that! (Bruce Willis, you should go with me that weekend!)

And Now For Something Completly Senseless

Just to spice up the blog a bit I've decided to take a photo of my cat every day. I know! EXCITING! Or not. But whatever, I'll do that until... I don't give a fuck anymore and then I'll go back to taking taking photos of my sex toys.

I call this NEUROTIC CAT. This is what I see EVERY MORNING... yes that close, she doesn't respect boundries or the concept of sleeping without a cat trying to sleep on your face.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Dairy Day

Today has been an odd yet good day and yet I cannot help feeling as if the universe is mocking me. After posting the below quite hilarious comic I left for work. As I passed one of my neighbors he jokingly (and mildly stupidly) yelled out to me to “Bring back something from Dairy Queen” for him. I pointed out to his disappointment that I work at the local grocery store and apologized thinking him the newly appointed village idiot; I hadn’t even realized that position was vacant.

Upon arrival to work, I saw a piece of paper with JUDY in big letters on it. I figured it was some memo telling me to sweep the floors better or that I needed to work faster or stop leering at all the hot men who pass through the bakery or some such crap. No, it was a note of RECOGNITION. Last Friday I did a very special cake for a woman. She wanted a picture of a couple doing a Viennese Waltz on the cake as well as some specific colored flowers and a lot of writing. She was very particular about what she wanted and was somewhat nervous as this was for her mother’s 80th birthday and she wanted it PERFECT. No big deal. The photo she gave us to work from was crappy, but thanks the MAGICAL INTERNET I found a better photo right away and brought that into work on Friday. The rest was just a little time consuming but really not that hard. I finished, I boxed up and was just for a moment sad that I wouldn’t be there to see her reaction when she picked it up, then I just forgot about it (forgot to take a damn photo of it also – DUH!).

Apparently, the customer was quite pleased with the cake. My manager was pleased with that and made a point of mentioning it in her weekly meeting. This made me the star player for the week and I was rewarded with… a coupon for a free half gallon of ice cream. Hahahaha…. Cosmic joke on me, since I generally cannot eat it. It’s exceptionally ironic that this is the SECOND free half gallon of ice cream certificate I’ve received in the past 3 weeks (one is Blue Bell and the other is the stores brand). Ahhh life can be so sweet and yet so cruel!

Anyway, it is still cool that I got a little pat on the back.
Best Morning Laugh Evah!

Most fabulous.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Work Stuff!

Three cupcake puppies - really popular.

Mmmmmmm chocolate cake with chocolate ganache between the layers, chocolate butter cream covered in more chocolate ganache and chocolate roses on top.

These are some of my favorite cakes I did this past Friday in preparation for not working this past weekend.

Sealed In Well!

Yom Kippur went well though I had a splitting headache by the time I broke the fast. K was kind enough to cook dinner - roasted turkey breast, mashed potatoes and gravy, brussle sprouts and bread. It was all quite tasty.

Sunday I got up and made potato pancakes out of the rest of the left over mashed potatoes. I ate most of them through out the day. Midway through the day I started feeling like I'd eaten some dairy and was quite uncomfortable by evening. I couldn't figure out where the dairy came from until K said that the MASHED POTATOES were made with MILK. Well DUH you are probably saying, but hey, I make mashed potatoes maybe twice a year so cut me some slack for forgetting that little nugget of info. I'll just chalk it up to yet another of K's unsuccessful attempts to kill me. Keep trying buddy, though I think you need to watch some more CSI to brush up on your technique.

Visceral Reaction

I just like saying that! Anyway, I completly stunned myself today with my reaction to a conversation about someone who's recently caused me pain. But well I guess there are some things worth fighting for. ;)


So I've decided to ask for the weekend of October 20th and the weekend after that off so that I can go to TRF. I'm going to tell my boss it's for a family reunion which really isn't a complete lie since my faire-mily is as important to me as those who are related by blood to me and I haven't seem most of you in nearly a year.

The weekend of the 20th is the SPCF fundraiser breakfast and I really hope to see all of you out there eating breakfast burritos. The proceeds go to a good cause and the food will be plentiful. AND you won't have to cook it!

The next weekend will be Halloween weekend at faire, and also ASIAN INVASION WEEKEND for the Fu clan! Woohoo! I've been dieing to be Su King - Fu King's little sister. Bruce Willis you really should go with me that weekend!

Okay have to go play with the offspring!