Saturday, September 29, 2007

Every Freaking Day!

NaBloPoMo (sounds dirty doesn't it?). Posting that is. Everyday for the month of November. I know it's a month away, but WTF, I'm getting an early start! (I know, it's a novel concept) Go check it out and sign up for it. It could be fun... or it could be one really long month full of really shitty posts about my cats and my BOBs. Whatever, I've joined, I'm committed. I'll be bringing a certain level of class to the whole thing. Just wait and see... oh yeah and I'll be doing exactly what I do now with multiple blogs - I'll be post the EXACT same thing on each one. Cut and paste baby! Come on, it's enough of a stretch to get me to post about anything of substance, you don't honestly think I could write something completely independent and fresh and new and all that happy crap every day? If you do, then say so... and suggest a topic or theme or something... like my shoe collection or my art work or my frequent mastabatory activities and the lubes I like. Give me a shout out, let me know.

Moving on...

Continuing Computer Crisis

We have managed to locate the whosie-whatsit code number required to get Windows working but the computer is still not FUNCTIONAL as the reinstall Windows seems to have deleted some vital things such as the driver for my video card and the ethernet information so that my compuer can hook onto the internet. KKKHHHHHHAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!! Oh... sorry, just seemed like an appropriate time to say that. K worked on my computer problems right after I got home and said many, many swear words. This unfortunately made him late to leave with the offspring to go spend time with his boyfriend but gave me the opportunity to see Bruce Willis for a short visit. *sigh* That man makes me melt. No really, he does, I felt all wet when I left. Nothing happened you filthy minded reader. Anyway when I returned my K was asleep on the sofa and my computer was still non operational. K kindly yet grudgingly agreed to leave his computer here for me so that I wouldn't be stuck just watching tv all night... which is more than likely what I would do since I can't access my music on my computer at the moment. (Damn... I wanted to change the music on my mp3 and add the Divinyls 'I Touch My Self' since I heard it on the way to Bruce Willis' casa... how appropriate - go ahead, click the link, you know you want to.)

Other than that, I have some painting to do, some sewing to do and some masturbating to do to keep me occupied for the evening. So what are you up to this fine evening?

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