Thursday, September 27, 2007

What I Am

K and I just had this exchange online:

ME: what do you want for dinner?
HIM: Food!
ME: okay, I'm sure you'll enjoy the dry noodles then.
HIM: How is it you say food and I eventually find out what you want? I say food and I get dried noodles?
ME: because I'm one of those words that you yell out the car while driving behind an inconsiderate driver and you are a nice person who only wishes to please others.
HIM: Uh huh...what do you want for dinner?
ME: Bruce Willis.

Is There Prozac In My Water?

Oddly enough I've been exceedingly HAPPY of late! Maybe it's the job that I love or the recognition I'm getting at work or the NEW BOB or the Bruce Willis lunches. Maybe it's all of the above. Or it's possible I've gone completly insane and it's just me hallucinating! Whatever it is, I hope it doesn't stop!

Lunches Rock

Bruce Willis, thanks for lunch today, we should do that
MUCH more often.

TRF Bound!

I've put in for my two weekends off to go to TRF Pirate weekend (Oct 20-21) and Halloween weekend (Oct 27-28). So I'm commited! Or I should be, whatever. Remember people - the FUNDRAISER BREAKFAST is the morning of Oct 20th! The next weekend is Halloween weekend and also Asian Invasion weekend as the Fu Clan will be there. I will definitly be there representing *strikes gang pose* as Su King, sister to Fu King. *bows* You know you don't want to miss that! (Bruce Willis, you should go with me that weekend!)

And Now For Something Completly Senseless

Just to spice up the blog a bit I've decided to take a photo of my cat every day. I know! EXCITING! Or not. But whatever, I'll do that until... I don't give a fuck anymore and then I'll go back to taking taking photos of my sex toys.

I call this NEUROTIC CAT. This is what I see EVERY MORNING... yes that close, she doesn't respect boundries or the concept of sleeping without a cat trying to sleep on your face.

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