Monday, September 24, 2007

Work Stuff!

Three cupcake puppies - really popular.

Mmmmmmm chocolate cake with chocolate ganache between the layers, chocolate butter cream covered in more chocolate ganache and chocolate roses on top.

These are some of my favorite cakes I did this past Friday in preparation for not working this past weekend.

Sealed In Well!

Yom Kippur went well though I had a splitting headache by the time I broke the fast. K was kind enough to cook dinner - roasted turkey breast, mashed potatoes and gravy, brussle sprouts and bread. It was all quite tasty.

Sunday I got up and made potato pancakes out of the rest of the left over mashed potatoes. I ate most of them through out the day. Midway through the day I started feeling like I'd eaten some dairy and was quite uncomfortable by evening. I couldn't figure out where the dairy came from until K said that the MASHED POTATOES were made with MILK. Well DUH you are probably saying, but hey, I make mashed potatoes maybe twice a year so cut me some slack for forgetting that little nugget of info. I'll just chalk it up to yet another of K's unsuccessful attempts to kill me. Keep trying buddy, though I think you need to watch some more CSI to brush up on your technique.

Visceral Reaction

I just like saying that! Anyway, I completly stunned myself today with my reaction to a conversation about someone who's recently caused me pain. But well I guess there are some things worth fighting for. ;)


So I've decided to ask for the weekend of October 20th and the weekend after that off so that I can go to TRF. I'm going to tell my boss it's for a family reunion which really isn't a complete lie since my faire-mily is as important to me as those who are related by blood to me and I haven't seem most of you in nearly a year.

The weekend of the 20th is the SPCF fundraiser breakfast and I really hope to see all of you out there eating breakfast burritos. The proceeds go to a good cause and the food will be plentiful. AND you won't have to cook it!

The next weekend will be Halloween weekend at faire, and also ASIAN INVASION WEEKEND for the Fu clan! Woohoo! I've been dieing to be Su King - Fu King's little sister. Bruce Willis you really should go with me that weekend!

Okay have to go play with the offspring!

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