Saturday, May 14, 2005


Favorite conversation tonight between me and The Bear, who has G-NORMOUS BOOBS.

Bear: I tried on this dress at David's Bridal today and it made my boobs disapear.
Me: No fucking way, I don't believe it.
Bear: Really. I looked like I had no boobs.
Me: What, did you go to David Copperfield's Bridal to make that happen? 'Cuz you know, he made that statue of liberty disapear so maybe he could make your boobs disapear.

Stop smoking crack Bear, not even he could make them disapear! Hell if he could do that, I'd pay him to make my ass disapear.
Stick Art Birthday

Today being K's 40th birthday entitled him to a soirée of sorts. I contacted a group of friends and arranged for them to meet us at Black Eyed Pea. Luckily for me most everyone has e-mail, so all I had to do was send out a couple of e-mails - if I would have had to call people, well it would have gone something like this "Hey, you know K's turning 40 right? yeah. Wanna join us for dinner? Oh good. Oh, yeah, do me a favor, call a couple of people and ask if they want to join us - and maybe they'll call a couple of people and they'll do the same, and some how we'll have a party. Okay? Yeah, I'm gonna go look at internet porn now, so bye." I'm just a lazy fuck when it comes to calling people. Anyway, the party happened and K was surprised. I took photos but... I fucked them up. Ya see... I took the photos below of the BEAUTIFUL Stick Art that I decorated the birthday cards with and forgot to reset my camera to take photos normally - damn I wish I had auto focus! I may post the photos here, but I believe I will recreate the evening in Stick Art for you - maybe tomorrow.

Hot One

I thought it was appropriate even though he didn't get cake, seems there's some kind of fire ordinance that prevents them from starting a fire like that IN the building.


The cats wanted to show their love too. They've filled that box with pressies for K.


And my sweet Super Girl has inherited my artistic abilities. I'm all teary.

We had a good turn out of friends, ZZTop showed up, K's dad and step mom showed up, his brother and his wife and kid showed up, his boyfriend B was there, The Bear showed up and Giggles and The Post Man also joined us. It was fun. We arrived at 7 pm and left at 10 pm. The conversation ranged from libraries, to brides maids dresses to pregnancy, smoking marajuana, filling ones 'prescription' for crack and finally birthday threesomes and foursomes (not for K) and getting on the invite for that. A good time was had by all and no one was drunk.

Magnetic Appeal

My gawd! What a difference a couple of days make! I am feeling better than I have in about a month! Last week I finally realized that the medical issue I was having was leaving me anemic. Very much so. I was so tired I could have sept 23 of the 24 hours in a day. Not sure why I didn't figure out the anemic thing, other than I'm a dork. Luckily someone mentioned the anemic thing and someone else gave me some iron pills and NOW I'm feeling MUCH better! Woohoo! Now I'm ready to PARTY! And today is K's 40th birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY K!!!

Friday, May 13, 2005

Just Because...

Taken off Dora's lj.

What Icons are for you? by ladyallie
Favourite Colour
Your Love icon is...
Your Sad Icon is...
Your Happy Icon is...
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Quiz created with MemeGen!

I changed my animal icon because I like cats better than dogs.

And taken off someone else's lj...
I'm Destruction!
Which Member of the Endless Are You?
One of my favorite of the endless. Delerium is my favorite.

Thursday, May 12, 2005


Yes boys and girls, it's that time again - Time for STICK ART!!!

This was from the discussions taking place last night at karaoke. Seems someone has been doing a bit of false advertising at faire. That is a mortal sin. I've removed the name of the GUILTY party, even though they don't deserve the anonymity... especially since so many people know... and were talking about how the 'package' seemed to be riding a little high/low at times. Boys, boys, boys, don't stuff, we can tell and if we can't, then it's just going to be humiliating and painful when we find out we've been decieved, if you have a tiny dick, don't wear TIGHTS!
My Dinner

mmmmm... Nothing like a perfectly grilled steak and veggies for dinner. (that's hot sauce on the steak not blood) I feel sorry for anyone not having this for dinner.

Now I'm going to go eat my steak!
How To Be An Asshat
Men Are All The Same;

The ones who say they are different are either GAY or just useing it as a line to get pussy.

Last Saturday I had a date. This guy was very nice, very much a gentleman, opened the doors for me, kept his hands to himself and paid even. He was nice, he was funny, we had a nice evening. I was willing to go out with him again. I get home and am watching LOTR (read - sleeping on the couch while the DVD ran) and I get an IM from him, he wants to know if I had a good time, yes I did. THEN he wants to know if I felt any 'chemistry'. Now I KNEW even before the date that this guy was hot for me, he had already told me that he liked redheads with green eyes (who doesn't) and that he thought I was sexy (well yeah, 'cuz I am). 'Chemistry' for me is more than just physical looks, it's an overall presents of someone. Like for example, when I was in college I worked at a bank and there was this guy who delivered the mail - Raul - who I loved to look at. Oh damn, I sounded like a sick puppy talking about Raul. My friend Becky urged me to ask the man out before she and everyone else in the vault came up with a decent plan to silence me forever. So I did, we went to lunch the next day. He was hot, and nice and he paid for lunch. The moment he opened his beautiful mouth to have a conversation with me was the moment he became the least attractive man to be sitting across from. He was beautiful and dumb as a post. *sigh* I ate my lunch and tried to use small words and we NEVER went out again. I completely ignored him from that moment on, no amount of him trying to get my attention would work, he wasn't up to my standards. So being able to have an intelegent convesation is important. Listening is also part of it. I went out with a guy who was very intelegent, totally hot for me and also paid for dinner, unfortunately he spent most of the time telling how very intelegent he was and talking AT me. No, no, no. Not a good thing. He even when so far as to TELL me how to do MY JOB. Him who had NEVER, EVER been a photographer was telling ME how to do my job better. He didn't even get three dates he was so annoying. Infact after consulting with a few people it was decided he didn't even deserve a phone call to cancel the pending date, just an e-mail. (he subsequently called me a whore, then months later called me like nothing had happened to which I just replied "You CALLED me a whore." Asshat) Having things in common is another important factor as well as having a good sense of humor and yes looks come in also. Theres a lot that goes into it, I'm sure most women understand this. Chemistry is more than just feeling the urge to skip dinner and head for the back seat/motel/bed/etc. Been there, done that and it's been a lot of fun too, worked out well sometimes, been a mistake others. But he was talking about THAT kind of chemistry.

So he asks and I imediately feel irritated and like he's trying to trap me. Like the guy who takes a girl out for dinner and drinks then tells her that since he spent $XX for dinner she should give him some pussy or a blow job. I'm irritated but not so much that he's totally lost his chances of a second date so I tell him that I feel that is a loaded question and explain how. He gets a phone call and has to go. Okay, no biggie, I go back to watching LOTR (napping). The next day is Mother's Day, I go to faire and when I get back I do the usual - get the Little People cleaned up and off to bed then upload my photos. While I'm uploading, he messages. He's back to the same question. Now I'm getting pissed. I tell him, I like him, I had a nice time, I'd like to go out again. Then he rambles on and basically says how the relationship needs to get physical soon or he's going to move on. Move on mutha fucka, no one pressures me into sex. I don't say that, maybe I should have, I just say 'I understand.' and think, 'yeah good luck finding a 'relationship' you don't have to pay by the hour for with that attitude'. What an asshat. If he just wanted SEX he should have said so before we went out - he would have saved the money on the frappichino and dinner as I would have told him he was wasting his time. If I was intereseted in JUST SEX, I've got plenty of hot sexy men in that line that I can call. So in conclusion, I haven't talked to him again and don't plan to either. Dude, thanks for the Starbucks and dinner, the conversation was great, pitty you turned out to be an asshat. Although, I do respect him for having the balls to say what he wants instead of resorting to head games.
Botox Blues

My sister and I went shopping the other day, at the store we found some makeup/accessory bags with different words on them. I got one that says LUST (for my acessories), she got one that says SNOB and she got one for a friend that says BOTOX because her friend just got Botox done last week.

Last night D's husband's best friend - we'll call him Steve for the sake of this story - was over. Now Steve is a great guy, but none too bright. So Steve sees the bags on the table and asks D's husband what they are for, he explains that the SNOB is for D and that BOTOX is for her friend because she just got it done. Steve replies "Ahhh, okay, so she got the Botox done and they gave her the bag." hehehe... As D said, it's a good thing he's pretty.

Your Deadly Sins

Lust: 60%

Greed: 40%

Sloth: 40%

Wrath: 40%

Envy: 20%

Gluttony: 20%

Pride: 20%

Chance You'll Go to Hell: 34%

You'll die of a yet to be discovered STD.

Always with the Lust... Bad Judy, Bad Judy.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Scarby Update!

This past weekend at faire was pretty damn awesome. I had only planned to go on Sunday as usual - but to go for all day Sunday as that was going to be my Mother's Day treat to myself. The day off of work! My boss is an insufferable Bitch and a very bad manager and didn't want to let me have the day off. Luckily I got it worked out so I didn't have to work the whole day. My new plan was just to work my small hospitals on Sunday morning and be done and ready to leave by 9 am so I could make it to opening gate. I didn't get finished with work until 9:30 am and then I couldn't find my black bodice (still can't, damned underwear gnomes must have it - little bastards) so I didn't leave until 11:30 am. *sigh*

Things were great once we got to faire. Me and the Little People met up with my aunt and grandmother. Grandma and GiGi spoiled the Little People as much as they could while I walked in parade - I got shanghied out of wench line by pirates! My crew that is.

Everyone had a great time Sunday.

Troll Dog

The Little People loved meeting the Troll and his dog - he was just like a real dog!


Pitty I didn't have change for a $20, I would have put in a few dollars to keep her locked up.. er.. I mean FREE her.

Super Frizz

Thanks to the torential rains that morning, I had super frizzy hair from the humidy. Oh well I think most people were more worried about side steping the mud puddles rather than looking at my frizz.

Captain John feeling the love

It is good to be the captain.

Pirate Practice

This is why the Little People LOVE Captain John. He gives them swords to play with!

Practice for the other pirate also

It would be unfair to keep the other one out of mortal danger and not give her a sword also.

Old G

Gang sighting at faire.

Go check out my photos to see everything. I really need to move my photos elsewhere, for some reason the resolution on the photos is shitty on yahoo.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005


I'm not dead people, so stop sending condolence cards to K. Sheesh, you don't post for a couple of days and people make all sorts of assumptions.

I have things to post about, like Mother's Day and how being at faire on Mother's Day rocked and how I almost didn't make it because of fucking work and how my other bodice is MISSING and how I wore my red corset and laced myself up and driving to faire (an hour and 15 minutes) all laced into my corset and my crew dragging me into parade with them and my kids being with Grandma & GiGi and... Well lots.

But I have no time now. D is here, we have to get ready for a luncheon. I'll post pictures soon.