Friday, August 06, 2004


I arrived at XXX’s at 9 pm. He was relieved as he was expecting me much earlier. I explained my reasons for being tardy and told him I had called his cell phone and left a message at 8 pm when I stopped to get gas in my car. He said he never got the message and didn’t hear the phone ring. [Content removed due to graphic sexual content] and then we made sandwiches as I was hungry and hadn’t had dinner. We watched Adult Swim and [Content removed due to graphic sexual content].

The next morning after [Content removed due to graphic sexual content], XXX left for work. He had shown me how to work his coffee machine before leaving. He has the cutest little coffee maker – it makes one cup. Oh I was in LOVE with it! One fabulous fresh cup of coffee! I enjoyed my coffee while watching the news then showered and straightened up before heading out to have lunch with XXX.

We had lunch at a Mexican café close to where he works then walked back to his office where I hung out for most of the day. I had planned to do some city exploring but hanging out and chatting with my sweetie was much more rewarding. Oh stop giving me that look, I know it was sappy sweet and making you want to gag, but deal with it. Anyway, I headed back to his apartment a little after 3 pm.

Back at his place I had the joy of fighting with the lock on his door – fucker sticks for some reason. I made another delicious cup of coffee and watched more news. XXX messaged me a little after 4 to tell me that the movie was at 4:50 pm so be ready when he got there. Cool. I was actually peeking out the door looking for him when he pulled into the parking lot. I grabbed my purse and was out the door. Had the joy of fighting with the lock again then we were off.

We saw I, Robot, which I’ve already given my opinion of – Will Smith in the shower - yessss.

We went back to XXX’s place and [Content removed due to graphic sexual content]. We made dinner and watched Calendar Girls – that was a sweet movie then we [Content removed due to graphic sexual content] and watched Adult Swim again before falling asleep [Content removed due to graphic sappy nature – gag!].

The next morning [Content removed due to graphic sexual content], I kissed him goodbye and then it was just ME and his coffee maker for the day. Ahhhh coffee. The coffee maker and I share many tender moments together through out the day as I do not a damn thing other than watch movies and surf the internet. Being a mom it’s been a while since I’ve had opportunity to do absolutely NOTHING so I was taking full advantage of it. Besides I had a lovely dinner and some [Content removed due to graphic sexual content] planned for later.

When XXX got home from work we [Content removed due to graphic sexual content] and then I made a wonderful dinner. We drank some wine and watched old movies while having desert. Then it was off to the bedroom for [Content removed due to graphic sexual content, Content removed due to graphic sexual content, Content removed due to graphic sexual content, Content removed due to graphic sexual content, Content removed due to graphic sexual content, Content removed due to graphic sexual content, Content removed due to graphic sexual content]. Whew that was fun, luckily this time the leather restraints didn’t leave bruises.

The next morning I reluctantly left – it was time to head back to responsibilities of my life – but not before [Content removed due to graphic sexual content] and more coffee!!! Damn what a combo XXX is – incredibly sexy, smart, funny, sensitive and he’s got a great coffee maker!

I know it doesn’t sound like much, but it was nearly perfect to me.

The 4 Hour Drive That Took 5 or Fuck How I Hate Traffic On 35!

So I head on to work on Sunday hoping that I can get off work early and me and the Little People can hit the road by 1:30 pm at the latest. Much to my amazement I am finished by work and back home by NOON! K & the Little People are not home. *Sigh* Okay, okay, don’t panic, I’m sure they’ll be home shortly. I just pack (throw everything in a bag) for myself and the kids hoping that I haven’t forgotten anything vital.

At 1 pm I call all people who will be expecting my arrival today (my aunt and XXX) and tell them I plan to leave by 1:30 pm or 2 pm. Get off the phone and look for more pins to stick in the K & B voodoo dolls. Pack car.

2 pm K & B arrive with the Little People. I quickly hide evil voodoo activities and start barking commands at the children so we can get the hell on the road. This trip should take about 4 hours to get the kids to their grandmother’s house.

Everything is going according to schedule until we get close to Georgetown. For some fucking reason there was an unbelievable amount of traffic on the road and for about 34 miles (shortly after I see the sign that says Georgetown 36 miles) traffic is flowing at a brisk 30 mph. Yeah, total pleasure.

We finally arrive 5 freaking hours after we left home. I decline having dinner as I know it’s about an hour and a half to get to XXX and I’m now running REALLY late. The Little People barely notice that I’m leaving; it’s just too much trouble to tear themselves away from the toys, swings and cats at GG and Grandma’s house to give me a hug and kiss. *Sigh* Kids.

I’m out of there by 7:30 pm and arrive at XXX’s door at 9 pm.

Big Ass Spider The Kids And I Saw At Truck Stop
The Wedding

I took the day off from working my busy hospital so I'd have time to get ready and get the little people all cute. We had an hour drive to the wedding so I really did need the time to get all ready for the shindig. We packed all the wedding clothes in the trunk and headed out about an hour and half before the wedding. I figured we'd stop a bit before we got to the wedding and get dress as I just could not fathom that the little people, K or myself would look presentable after an hours drive.

So off we go, me looking incredibly redneck in a denim jumper with no shirt under, my sparkly make-up and fancy strappy sandals. Yeah I looked hot and sexy, ready to go to the good tractor pull.

Anyway when we were almost there we stopped off at a gas station and all changed (yeah I know, that's really classy - what else was I supposed to do, change in the parking lot of the wedding place??).

The wedding was at 6 pm, we showed up about 15 minutes before the ceremony started. It was an outdoors wedding and it was still freaking hot that day. They provided hand held fans which I fought over with Super Girl and Cabbage Patch. They are young; they can stand the heat better - besides mommy had running eyeliner to consider.

The ceremony was beautiful. Martin looked incredibly handsome and Angie was absolutely beautiful. They looked incredibly happy together. I got all teary... or maybe that was sweat in my eyes. No, kidding, it was very touching to see two people who are so perfectly matched and so in love get married. If I ever get married again I hope to have a ceremony like theirs - except with Elvis officiating the ceremony... and me in a red dress... and none of the praying stuff... and in Vegas... probably the drive thru wedding... maybe... and clowns... Jell-O wrestling... and... Oh, are you still there? Sorry, lost for a moment. Beautiful ceremony.

The reception followed immediately with the best fucking food I've had at a wedding in I don't know how long. Martin and Angie were kind to their guests and instructed us to eat while they finished with the obligatory after wedding photos of the wedding party (which just takes to damn long usually). I must have eaten a half pound of shrimp by myself. Even the Little People enjoyed the food. Cabbage Patch enjoyed the barbecued sausages so much she was wiping her hands on her lovely satin dress. *sigh* Mommy needed a drink at that moment.

They had dancing outdoors after all the gorging and cake cutting in doors. We partook of all the activities while making sure the Little People were within eye shot and not terrorizing more than the other children.

Petey was my savior and managed to find some roofies... I mean Alieve for my sinus headache and later provided me with rum for my punch - twice in fact. The booze came from Martin's brother-in-law Earl. I love that man, every time I've seen him; he always has booze for me. Later I got some wine from Earl.

We dance quite a bit. Even K and I danced. Together that is. He's not a bad dancer. It was fun. We sweated a LOT.

The lovely couple had enough of their rowdy guests about 10 or so and left in a horse drawn carriage. It was beautiful.

K and I gathered the little people and headed to the car. I changed right there by the car. I was HOT and my dress was sweat soaked. Yeah I know, another redneck moment brought to you by Judy.

And that was the wedding. It was nice.

Oh... The dress. I did wear THE dress. I briefly panicked and considered wearing something else as I worried I'd look like a fat cow but at the last moment I said "Fuck it, I'm wearing the dress, damn anyone who doesn't like it." I didn't even wear industrial strength anti-jiggle under garments under the dress - not that I hadn't planned to do so, I just couldn't find the ones I bought the previous day AND the torturous pantyhose I did find were a comical disaster to try to get on. See I haven't worn pantyhose in years. I hate them. I either couldn't remember the proper way to wiggle into control top pantyhose or they were the wrong size. At any rate after struggling with them, starting to sweat and having my giggling children ask me if I need help/offer advice, I pulled them off and tossed them in the trash never to be considered again. I think I looked pretty damn good in the dress; I had decent cleavage going on thanks to a push up bra and the tight bosom of the dress. All was good.


I'm sure you are all wondering what makes XXX so great - let me tell you (and it's not the fabulous sex so get your mind out of the gutter). He can can clear away the dark clouds and insecurities with a sentence. That's it, one sentence and I smile.

Well that and he doesn't get all tweaked by the fact that I'm probably the most frighteningly hairy women he's ever known - I really should buy stock in hair removal. Gotta love a man who doesn't touch my face and comment on how my beard needs a trim or say how my mustache tickles in an unpleasant way while I give a blow job or mention how the hot and sexy bra I just bought would look much sexier if I didn't have all that hair obscuring the lace.

Damn I'm so freaking happy when I'm with him.

Thursday, August 05, 2004

Updates Postponed

I'm tired tonight, going to head off to bed soon. I was going to write about EVERYTHING, instead I spent my time writing words to XXX that he'll never see. I know, silly girl stuff, but I'm a girl, what do you expect.

Tomorrow, I'll write tomorrow before my pathetic memory starts to fail me.

Off to bed for now.
The Queen Returns!!

I mean me, not K. Bastards. (eyes rolling up in head)

I have tons to write but also have tons to do around the house. Tonight, I promise.

Coming soon!

  • Highlights from the wedding and the answers to everyone's burning question of "Did she wear THE black dress???" (also, head to the Dr. about that burning, I'm sure it has something to do with that skank from a few weekends ago.)
  • The 4 hour drive that took 5 or Fuck how I hate traffic on 35!
  • Paradise - My time with XXX and his coffee maker... that should be separate... my time with XXX and my love for his coffee maker. Eh, whatever, read it how you like.
  • The drive home or Part II of Fuck how I hate traffic on 35!

Well I got to go, this house doesn't clean it's self. I keep hoping the cats will get the idea of helping with the house work from watching all the Disney movies.

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

I Love The Way You Love Me...

This week is National Orgasm Week. I hope everyone has been celebrating. Too bad my visit to XXX is over, I guess it's just my over-active imagination and BOB to help me finish out the week. *sigh* What a wonderful visit I had.

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Movie Review

Went to see iRobot with XXX last night. I really enjoyed it. The best part of the movie happens in the first 10 minutes - Will Smith naked in the shower. Ahhhhh... I just wish they had closed the movie with that shot. *sigh* Oh well they had a few nice shots of Will's fabulously muscled bare chest. Very nice. I highly recommend seeing this movie. He looks goooooood. Oh yeah it's got a good story and all too. ;)