Friday, November 21, 2003

I Truly Am Crazy...

It's 11:30 pm and I'm sitting here waiting for my baking to be done. Why did I start cooking so late at night? I'm insane that's why. I've been known to stay up until 3 am making things for a holiday dinner.

What really sucks is that I have to work tomorrow. *sigh* I'm insane.
Update Allready!

Ferfucksake! Can you people update your blogs already? Hardly any of you who I read on a regular (daily) basis have updated in a bit. Come on now! (especially A & L!!!)
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More Potty Talk

It's Friday and I am stunned that Cabbage Patch is using the toilet most of the time (except nap time and bed time when I put a diaper on her). She's had very few accidents and I haven't had to resort to rewards, bribes, begging or forcing her to use the potty. This is VERY different than Super Girl. She was very difficult to potty train (I think it's something that runs in hubby's family, his nephew is 3 and still not totally trained). She found the whole potty thing interesting for a couple of days then wouldn't sit on it unless she felt like it - which was rare. We tried rewards - stickers, but she wasn't impressed enough with the sticker to follow through. Tried switching her to panties so she could feel when she was wet and that would irritate her enough to make her NOT want to go in her panties (that's the theory anyway) but all I ended up with was a lot of laundry to do. Tried the bribes but that didn't work at all, tried to make her sit on the potty, but this kid is far more stubborn than most and that didn't fly at all. She had lots of accidents on the floors and in her pants. When she finally started using the potty (mostly) at 3, she would do things like pee in the dogs water dish or go outside and pee in the grass. She just didn't want to use the toilet all that much.

Now Cabbage Patch seems to LOVE using the potty. I hadn't planned on starting her training until February when she turns 2 and a half (which is supposed to be the magic age for potty training). I'm hoping that by December she will be in panties and out of diapers (except for naps and night time).
Turkey Status

Fresh from the oven.
Turkey Status

One more hour to go...

Here's what the bird looks like now with one hour left.

I've decided to make Marbled Pumpkin Cheesecake instead of Pumpkin Pie. mmm...
Turkey Status

We are now entering hour three for cooking of the turkey.

After the timer went off at the end of hour two I took the turkey out of the oven and turned it over , which was a total bitch to do... I mean when was the last time you turned over a 22 lb turkey in a flimsy tin pan? I could not find my big meat fork - not that it really would have helped - so I had to turn that bird over with my HANDS - yes one bare hand and one oven mit (part of the turkey was not to freaking hot and other parts were freaking hot). I managed to bend said flimsy pan in the process, but I did get the bird over so the breast can start browning. I also seasoned that side of the turkey and started teh gibblets to cooking (ya know, gibblet gravey). Two more hours and this bird should be done.

That's A Bitch

Sometimes parenting can be trying. A was recently writing about how hard it is to instill social graces in your offspring when you yourself seem to have none - something that I identify with quite a bit. I myself have a potty mouth, I do swear in front of my children - I'm not talking an endless stream of obscenities coming out of my mouth 24/7 but I do swear. My mother swore much worse than I did, and the many many disfunctional family members that surrounded me during my formative years swore horribly as well, and somehow I managed to not swear until I was a teenager - and never in front of my mother or other people older than me until I was nearly 20 (I remember the first time I swore in front of my mother I think I said Damn or Shit, then I realized my mother was within earshot so I froze expecting her to reprimand me but ishe didn't. So I waited for it... And it never came. A few days later I decided to sneak in another word - bitch. I said it in front of my mom and waited, again nothing. I think I was almost married when I worked up to FUCK in her presence).

Anyway, as most parents know, children are little sponges that absorb all information around them and then spit out randomly. If you WANT them to spit out a certain piece of information say to impress grandma or to look cute in the Holiday musical, then they will not do it, either intentionally or unintentionally - you have maybe a 20% chance of them actually doing exactly what you want. And as children get older your chances decrease. Conversely you have a 90% chance of that stray swear word or nasty phrase you uttered when you thought the child was out of the room/to busy playing/sleeping being repeated (loudly) in front of grandma/pastor/rabbi/teacher/etc. The first swear word Super Girl learned was 'shit' she heard it from either myself or her father. When she uttered it, she was in CHURCH and she said it LOUDLY. Lucky us. Now that she is nearly 5 we explain to her that certain words are grown up words and little kids are not to say them. This works usually, but not always as it's hard to assess the actually scope of her swear word vocabulary without exposing her to more or worse having her repeat them frequently. So you have to handle each incident as it happens and hope and pray that that particular swear word was the LAST one in her vocabulary... Although probably not. So two weeks ago the little people and I were walking to the post office as a car zoomed past us at far to fast to be going on the small road we were on. As the person passed I muttered something about them needing to slow the hell down and Super Girl said "Is that a bitch?" Words froze in my throat for a second, then I tried to steer the conversation a different direction. Super Girl listened at me with interested eyes then said "Was that a bitch?" So I was forced to confront the WORD head on. I started in with the 'That's a grown up word' schpeel and finished with the every popular comment 'Do you understand?' to which she replied Yes Ma'am then said "Momma, was that a bitch?" *sigh*

Kids. (Super Girl has not said the word since so don't start thinking I'm raising my kids to sound like little sailors)
Turkey Status

One hour of cooking done. Turkey browning nicely, plenty of liquid in pan.
Turkey Update

I got my turkey out of the brine and put it in the roasting pan. I also put a bunch of garlic in the turkey.
Yes the turkey is breast side down - that's how it will cook for at least half of the cooking time so the breast doesn't dry out.

Then it was into the oven for the bird!
Baby Sweater

I'm such a dork, I forgot to take a picture! I made a baby sweater for someone at hubby's work who is having a baby shower this weekend. It was easy, only took me 2 days (and it only took that long because the little people wouldn't let me sit and knit for more than 20 minutes at a time). Anyway it's really cute, hope the mom-to-be likes it.
It's Time!!

It's not Turkey Day, but it's Turkey Cooking Day for me!!!! Woohoo! I'm about to put my turkey in the over for the next 4 hours after which I will be baking pumpkin bread, pumpkin pie, and chocolate chip cookies. Super Girl has been asking me ever day since I bought my turkey ($.14 a lb!) if it was turkey day. hehe... Well off to get the turkey out of the brine.

Wednesday, November 19, 2003

My kids crack me up all the damn time. Right now Cabbage Patch is calling for Arnold for some reason and in her little baby talk it sounds like the Gov of California! BWHAHAHAHAHAHA! Now if I could only get her to say "I'll be back" that would be a riot... Although if she starts discussing the financial issues going on in California I'll be afraid. ;o)

Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Something ELSE Pissing Me Off!

so this is DAY TWO of this shit. What shit? Let me tell you... I like to watch Adult Swim in the evenings and the freaking cable company has some freaking infomercial on instead of the shows. An infomercial for Direct TV! What the hell? I want to see Futurama! Damn it! *sigh* at least there was a new Queer Eye For The Straight Guy on tonight - loved the transformation - except I think he should have kept the mustache.

Talking Turkey

This is the e-mail I sent to hubby

I stopped at Brookshires to get a turkey but they had a pitifully small selection of turkeys at an outrageous price (Butterball at $2 a lb!). So off to Albertsons. I saw that if you spent $25 the turkey would be $.69 a lb. OK, no Biggs. I needed to buy the stuff for Thanksgiving with your dad anyway - and stuff to make pumpkin bread and a mummy desert. This is what I got
Stuffing, marshmallows, powered sugar, brown sugar, cranberries (jellied like you like), (2)peas, olives, (2)instant potatoes, chocolate chips, coca powder, salad dressing (ranch), pumpkin, yams, butter, (2)vanilla, cream cheese, (2)flour, cooking oil, (2)sugar and of course the turkey.

I only got one turkey because the smallest turkey they had was 20 lbs, so I got the biggest one I could find which was 22.26 lbs. Normally the turkey cost $.99 a lb. which was $22.04 - but after my turkey discount it cost $3.12!!! No I'm not mistaken, the checker took off $18.92 for the turkey. I paid $.14 a lb for the turkey!!!

So my total was $28.90.

I rock! ;o)

This year we are doing Thanksgiving twice - once this Saturday then next Thursday. We aren't doing it twice because we love Thanksgiving so damn much, but because we have been invited to have Thanksgiving with hubby's brother and family this Saturday since they will all be with hubby's inlaws on Thanksgiving. Then we are doing a small Thanksgiving with hubby's dad on Thanksgiving since he will be alone as his wife will probably still be in the hospital recovering from hip replacement surgery.

I'm not really all that big on Thanksgiving but I do love to cook and that means I get to cook a turkey! I'm doing the turkey because sis-in-law makes a horrid turkey - sorry, it's true.. Think dry and tasteless. Woohoo! I get to cook a turkey!!!!

Monday, November 17, 2003


Stay the fuck off my page if you don't like what I have to say. I have deleted your obnoxious and hateful comment and banned your new IP, but I will take the moment here to tear apart part of your hateful comment to me.

You said If swearing is your mind, than that tells a lot about your mind.

Yes it does, it shows that I do swear, it's part of my vocabulary. If you are offended, then don't read what I write. As I've mentioned before, no one is holding a gun to your head. Spend some time working on your grammar, your sentence structure is horrid.

You said The fact that you think everyone that doesn't agree with you is ignorant of a "f**k" (No I will not lower myself to that filth) shows how stupid you really are.

Actually you're the one who can't seem to respect other people's opinions or beliefs. You're the one chastising me because I don't believe the way YOU do. Hmmm... I guess since YOU are guilty of what you are accusing ME of, then that makes you stupid as well. I prefer to think of you as an IGNORANT FUCK not 'ignorant of a "f**k"' (bad sentence structure again).

You said I feel sorry for your husband, because if I was married to you, I would either kill myself or turn gay.

And if you were my husband I'd probably be in prison for murder right now... But seriously, Wow, here you are such a 'Noble' person, so offended because I don't write out the name of 'G-d' due to MY religious beliefs and you refused to 'lower' yourself to filth of swearing but you make a comment like that. REALLY nice, very Christian attitude.

You know nothing about me or my husband except what you have read from this blog site. Let me tell you, that's not very much. Yet you feel you have the ultimate right to come to MY blog site and berate me, insult me, harass me and flame me. You don't. You are nothing more than a coward. You make all your comments and critical statements with complete anomity as you have yet to put your name or your contact information on your nasty comments. You're more than just an IGNORANT FUCK, you're an IGNORANT FUCKING COWARD. What a sad little person you must be to spend this much effort on flaming and trolling my site. I'm flattered, really. I haven't had this type of attention since I broke up with my psychotic boyfriend in college. This is the last time I'll give you any of my attention. All further comments from you will continue to be deleted and IP's banned, if you continue this harassment I'll contact your ISP.

In truth I really feel sorry for you, you seem like a very unhappy small person and I can see how you would be jealous of anyone whose life isn't the living hell yours must be. Medication can help you.
Potty Talk

My youngest - Cabbage Patch, has started potty training! Yay! She has used the potty twice so far and spent the whole day (except for nap time) without her diaper. I'm excited about hopefully soon not having to change diapers any longer, yet part of me is sad. Her potty training is her leaving the last of her babyhood behind and me having to admit that she's growing up. Boohoo! I'm such a sap.
Princess Mononoke and Kiki's Delivery Service

Recently I've rented two Hayao Miyazaki movies. After falling in love with Spirited Away I decided I would find as many movies by Miyazaki as I could.

Princess Mononoke is said to be Miyazaki's best work. Visually this movie is a master piece, the scenes are detailed and beautiful. Unlike Spirted Away, the theme of this movie is very obvious and easily to grasp. The story is about the struggle between the forest gods and the human world. Industrialization if you will. The hero in the story is trying to find a way to get the humans and the animal gods of the forest to co-exist.

My favorite characters in the movies are the forest gods. The tree spirits are very cute, they kind of look like tiny bald naked toddlers who inhabit the trees. The Wolf god and Boar god are impressive and imposing. My favorite is the god of the forest. He's the Night Walker at night and turns into a kind of many horned buck during the day. The Night Walker is fascinating and beautiful, I think the best animated character in the movie.

This is definitely a movie worth watching. It's rated PG13 for some decapitations and limbs being cut off in battle - really minor and fleeting images. The little people love this movie and didn't even notice that.

Kiki's Delivery Service is an adorable movie about a little witch coming of age and setting out on her own. The main theme in this movie is one of believing in one's self.

Kiki is a charming character and Jiji is quite funny. This is a touching and heartwarming movie that I loved watching over and over (because the little people insisted on watching it several time).

I liked both of these movies. Actually I've liked all of the Miyazaki movies I have rented, I'm waiting to get Castle In The Sky in - it looks fascinating. I've liked Spirited Away most of all, I think it is the best of the three - visually and story wise. I know people would disagree and say Princess Mononoke is the best. Spirited Away had a much much more complex story and the scenes were more detailed than the other two. I loved all the symbolism in Spirited Away as well. All of Miyazaki's movies are worth renting if not buying (I plan on buying them for the little people).