Saturday, March 24, 2007

Random Thoughts…

That’s a picture of my cat as drawn by Cabbage Patch. Looks just like her also. Except my cat has all four legs… and two eyes… and her tail doesn’t look like a bright orange sausage hanging off a three legged pumpkin with a cat head shaped tumor. Although if she was a three legged pumpkin with a cat head shaped tumor, she probably wouldn’t have tried to kill the guy I’ve been dating! Let me tell you, One nice guy who’s allergic to cats + my two ever so furry felines = a very bad end to the evening. Suffice to say there will be no more dinners hosted at Casa de Karmically Challenged until I’ve gotten the cats lacquered… and all the carpet ripped up… and all my cloth furniture replaced (after the feline lacquering of course). Nothing makes for a memorable date like having one’s eyes swell up. Good times.

Speaking of other GOOD TIMES….

Thursday morning at about 8 am I get a call from the school that Cabbage Patch threw up in the cafeteria and can I come get her. I fetch her from the nurse’s office and let her lay on the couch with a pot to throw up in – just in case. She didn’t really seem all that sick when I picked her up so I figured that she probably wouldn’t need the pot. Oh how wrong I was. My progeny threw up all day long. At one point I tried to get her to walk to the bathroom so I could get her cleaned up and she made it half way there before just giving up and lying on the floor. Oh dear, she was quite sick. I ended up carrying her. Then that night I had her all set up on the couch where I contorted my body onto the foot of the couch so I could watch over her and not bother her too much. She dismissed me about 1 am, telling me to turn off the kitchen light because it bothered her (said in a kind of sick whiney voice) and saying I could go to my bed. Since her fever had broken and her puking had stopped hours ago, I went to bed.

Friday morning I put her in bed with me while Super Girl got ready for school. I figured it would be best to keep her if for no other reason than the fever she had late in the day. Luckily I had the forethought enough to bring her pot into the bedroom and let her sleep on the edge of the bed because she puked about 8:30 am. By 9 am she seemed to be feeling better even though I was still feeling like crap and sore in many places from trying to sleep on a tiny corner of the sofa. I finally got up and got some aspirin. Cabbage Patch opted to stay in my bed the rest of the day. Mid day she started running a fever. *sigh* So I spent the rest of the day going into my bed room every 30 minutes to check her fever and get her to drink some Gatorade. By the time Super Girl got home at 4 pm, she seemed to be feeling a little better though to ask her she would now say “I don’t know” as being this sick is just foreign to her.

She finally moved back to the sofa about 4:30 pm. I’m thinking she’s getting better! YAY! And I’m making plans for us to make cupcakes on Saturday while K is at his big gay convention with his boyfriend.

6:30 pm or so, the puking starts again! Her fever is back also and she’s just lying on the sofa. Time for a consult with someone all knowing and all powerful. Time to call GRANDMA (who just happens to be a doctor)!

After describing the symptoms (me: It’s like a freaking vomitorium over here! Except without the party or the Greeks – just the VOMIT!), Dr. Grandma assured me that she wasn’t dieing, it sounded like a case of this nasty stomach virus going around and as long as she stays hydrated there is no reason to panic (her: *slapping me like that chick in ‘Airplane’* Get a hold of yourself! Surely it can’t be that bad! Me: It’s almost that bad, and don’t call me Shirley!).

Again with the sofa vigil. Again with the back ache this morning.

Today, she’s been on the sofa most of the time. She threw up once this morning – first thing. I spent most of today trying to occupy Super Girl (who’s getting jealous of the attention her sister is getting), check on Cabbage Patch’s persistent fever and continue to make her drink fluids.

I did manage to get my laundry room cleaned out (it was a GREAT way to occupy an 8 year old who I was tired of hear complain about wanting to be sick like her sister) .

And now, I’m hopeful that Cabbage Patch is on the mend. She threw up one more time today, but seemed to be feeling better later – she ate some noodles for dinner and wanted me to give her a manicure and pedicure after – ah the curative powers of sparkly polish. She’s sleeping now, was running a fever an hour ago though.

And me? I’m exhausted, I have a headache and my stomach has been a tad queasy today – I’m thinking it’s probably stress from expending all of my energy worrying about a 5 year old.

Oh and the cutest thing – Cabbage Patch doesn’t really understand what ‘weak’ means so when I asked her if she was feeling weak she said “No, my legs are just sleepy.” And on that note, I’m off to bed because my whole body is feeling a tad sleepy.