Friday, November 14, 2003

Celebrity Talk Shows

For some unknown reason I switched on the Ellen DeGeneres Show (maybe it's temporary insanity). Why are celebrities given talk shows? Most of them just suck at being talk show hosts (but then most talk shows suck). Ellen is very very funny - I loved her in Finding Nemo, but honestly her talk show is not worth watching.
All Made Up And No Where To Go!

As promised A here is the tale of Super Girl and MY Make-up.

Back when Super Girl was 2 I was pregnant and I had the habit of keeping what make-up I needed in my purse so I could put it on quickly in the car as hubby or D was driving me to my Dr appointments. My sister would also from time to time give me lipstick she thought I would like or other such things. During this time period of Super Girl being 2 I did daycare in my home for two little girls. One was about 3 months younger than Super Girl and the other was about 6 or 7 months old. In my house there was an island in the kitchen with cabinet space underneath. I kept one side unlocked for Super Girl and her partner in crime to play in. There were some plastic bowls and empty canisters for them to play with. One lovely day as I fed the baby, the two little goblins... I mean toddlers went into the kitchen to play. I heard the usual playing and giggling and squealing then silence. I knew that was a BAD sign. I asked what they were doing and got silence as a response. I put the baby in her crib for a minute as I investigated. I was unprepared for what I saw next. I opened the cabinet and saw the two of them sitting with my purse between them. Super Girl has shimmery fushia lipstick all over her eyelids and around her mouth, she had black mascara on her lips, her accomplice had the lipstick all over her face and had the mascara right under her nose like a little mustache. Their hands were covered in lipstick and mascara (water proof I might add), the inside of the cabinet door was also covered in lipstick and mascara. Super Girl looked like she was entering a Marilyn Manson look-alike contest and her accomplice looked like she just needed the black and red swastika arm band to make her look complete. Thankfully baby wipes can remove just about anything, so half a box of wipes later I had them cleaned up and seated in time out chairs so I could scrub out the inside of my cabinet.

No that's not the end of the story. The very next week I caught them with my purse again, this time Super Girl was brushing her teeth with the mascara and her accomplice had the dark red lipstick smeared on her face like a sloppy clown smile. Uggh! Again with the baby wipes and time outs. That was the last of the make up I kept in my purse for about a year or so. Now days I have two lipsticks in my purse - the kind that you paint on and it stays on all day. I have one gloss for this lipstick also as any other kind of gloss/chapstick I do buy becomes an instant kid magnet. I've seen far too many become snacks and appetizers for the little people. It's just not worth it to buy more.

Make-up and kids= trouble.
Things That Piss Me Off

I really hate when people feel the unstoppable compulsion to criticize someone's blog content. Now I don't mind if someone tells me if the margins are too narrow or the text is to small or something like that, but don't start flaming me on my content. I write what I feel, people may not agree with me or share my opinion of something and it may not be interesting or exciting but it's mine and it's what I am writing from MY point of view. If one doesn't like it, don't read it. I'm not paying readers, no one is paying me to write so outside input is not necessary.

There are plenty of times I have gone to a blog and have thought that particular writer was full of shit, nutty as a fruitcake or just a boring waste of carbon. Never once have I told the writer these things. Why? Because I realize that on their blog they have the right to make any damn statement they want, even if it's wrong (I guess as long as it's not breaking the law, which really isn't my area of expertise). It's kind of pointless, foolish and conceited to think that because I don't like the content I have the right to flame the writer. Why? Why take the time to do something like that? Just to piss them off? Because Your opinion is so damn important and your point if view is so flawless you MUST save the writer from imminent peril and damnation? Yeah right, bite me.

So... Anyway, if one comes here and disagrees with the content, here are my suggestions of what to do - 1) go to another web site, I'm sure you can find something you like on the internet or 2) go write in your own blog about what a fucking moron I am, I'm sure it will make you feel better or something. Don't flame me or admonish me or rebuke me or tell me how to live my life, raise my kids, what kind of language to use or what religion I need to follow or anything else like that because all you will have accomplished is pissing me off - I'll either delete your comment or I'll edit it. Now if you want to just blow sunshine up my ass, well I'm cool with that, please go right ahead. If you want to make a well thought out and intelligent comment, type away. If you want to ask me a question, debate something in an intelligent and respectful manner, I'm up for it. Just don't fucking flame me as I reserve the right to delete your asswad comment or edit it as I feel inclined, make fun of your grammar, intellect or the clothes you dress your dog in. It's just not worth it.

Thursday, November 13, 2003

It's been a lovely day, the little people were great (for the most part). Now I'm tired and going to turn in early.

*sigh* I'm having a better day, a good night's sleep and a bag of Hershey's Dark Chocolate Kisses helped make that happen! (no I didn't eat the whole bag)

Today I have my nephew here with the little people. Brother In Law has a dental appointment today. Super Girl is enjoying having her cousin here, they are so cute. Poor Cabbage Patch kind of get's left out since she's the youngest, she doesn't seem to mind though.

I'll post more later, gotta keep up with the kids for now.

Wednesday, November 12, 2003


Shit this day just never seemed to end. Here's a brief summary... (pretend you care)

The alarm goes off at 6:30 am - I smack the snooze. The alarm goes off at 6:40-something and I remember that I HAVE to get up NOW and take a shower. I leap out of bed (ok it's more like fall out of bed) and head for the shower to take a very rapid shower (really, about 5 minutes because I can hear hubby in the shower upstairs). 7 am - thirty minutes to get dressed, get makeup on, get the diaper bag packed with: diapers, juice bottles, snacks, dress children, fix children's hair and get the hell out of the house. Somehow we manage to get out just a few minutes late.

8:05 am - drop hubby at work and zoom to brother in laws house.
8:35 am - arrive at bro-in-law's place and deposit children then zoom off to orthodontist office.
9:05 am - arrive at ortho office and sit on bench to wait for appointment
9:15 am - called back right on time, 2 brackets and arch wire removed, bottom wire replaced and adjusted.
9:45 am - leave ortho and head for dentist
10:00 am - arrive at dentist and go right back
10:30 am - still in dentist chair
11:00 am - crowns removed
11:30 am - temp crowns going on
11:45 am - finished with dentist and head back to ortho office
Noon - back in ortho chair, brackets replaced, arch wire replaced, teeth feel tight.
12:30 pm - head to bro-in-laws place to retrieve the little people
1:00 pm - arrive, discuss Thanksgiving plans, kids, etc.
1:30 pm - leave
1:45 pm - arrive home, call hubby
2:15 pm - leave to cash check go to wrong place, have to go somewhere else
3:00 pm - cash check head to bank
3:30 pm - deposit check, open saving account, go shopping since I'm in grocery store
4:00 pm - head home, put away groceries, give little people bananas
4:30 pm - leave to pick up hubby
5:00 pm - arrive at hubby's work and wait for him
home by 5:30 pm or so.

After 5:30 pm - whine about back hurting, head hurting, teeth hurting. Convince hubby to make dinner and put in ET for kids to watch. Lay on couch with kids and watch also (more on that tomorrow), fix vacuum cleaner and suggest hubby go get new vacuum bags.

That's my day. Don't fuck with me, I'm very bitchy right now. As I told hubby - I'm not the person to push today, I'm not the person to go to today and I'm definitely not the person to fuck with. Off to bed.

Tuesday, November 11, 2003

Barely Tainted
Barely Tainted: You are a human being, and all
humans are susceptible to giving in to vices on
occasion. You try to lead a good life with your
friends and family, but you cant help but to
have a bad thought or two on occasion. As long
as you dont act out your dirty little thoughts
everything is fine though, right?

The taint on your soul is easily cleansed with just
a little effort.

How Wyrm Tainted Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

HAH! I'm not nearly as EVIL as some think I am! :o)
Veterans Day

To all the military personnel serving this country - Thank you
To all the military personnel risking your lives to serve this country - Thank you
To all the military personnel who served this country - Thank you
To all the military personnel who risked their lives to serve this country - Thank you
To all the military personnel who paid the highest price to serve this country - Thank you, G-d rest your soul

You all deserve the highest praise and honor for your military duty, the best I can say is Thank you.