Saturday, October 13, 2007

Awesome Cakeness!

Such a busy day... been decorating since 7 am. Just on lunch right now.

Doesn't this cake ROCK! It's huge and no it's not mostly icing, it's mostly CAKE that I cut into the shape.

Friday, October 12, 2007


My youngest progeny...




of chicken...

that I cooked!



That is all.
lolcat - hallelujah!  praise the lawd!

hehehe... Cats rock.

This is just a better photo of Bret's birthday cake. It kicks ass.

mmmm now I want some CAKE!
The Cat Is Back!

Ya know, when I said I'd take a photo of my cat EVERY DAY, what I meant was EVERY DAY that I GAVE A SHIT to take a photo. Which to be honest isn't EVERY DAY since the damn cat generally doesn't do much more than sleep on the couch.

You'll notice that Sunshine has some lovely eggs next to here, apparently she's practicing to take over for the Easter Bunny.

What? Don't hate me because the voices only talk to me!
Post Cards From Paris

A vacation in the city of lights wouldn't be complete without a picture in front of the Eiffel Tower.

Okay, fine, you too.

Could you at least TRY to smile?

Pets too? Come on people!

Of course you have to have the obligatory group shot.

Well actually these are more minis I painted for Sarge. I think they came out pretty darn good.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Horray For Hookers

Conversation relayed to be in the Wally World while looking at the pimp hats in the Halloween sextion. Apparently someone felt the pimp stuff was degrading to women. This person said: "I worked as a ho and there wasn't any man with a feathered hat coming to collect money. Not anyone coming out of a Cadillac Deville wearing gold plated goldfish platforms either."

Later -

Me: Awww damn, there's something wrong with these hose.
Her: Oh, why do you have to say ho?
Me: What? Whats up with you standing up for prostitute rights tonight?
Most Inappropriate Statement...

A coworker of mine was telling about when her daughter had her baby this weekend. I just have to share one thing she told me because I almost fell over laughing.

Her: I lifted up the blanket to check and then I looked at Melanie* and said "Melanie, I thought you shaved!" and then she said "I do mom!" Then I realized the baby was crowing, but for a second I thought "My goodness the doctors going to have a hard time finding the baby through all that hair."


*name changed to protect myself from getting my ass kicked if they were to see this. ;)
What A Great Weekend!

Ah well I won't bore you with the details but it included the Tiny Terrorist at 6 Flags, me working then me not working, Bruce Willis, more minis to paint, comic books, movie and new reading material. See... perfect.


I actually like deadlines. I'm such a procrastinator that I NEED deadlines to kick me into gear. I have several things I have to complete with fast approaching deadlines. It's exciting. Pictures and all when projects are completed. Suffice to say, I can not take on anything else without taking up a crack addiction to keep me awake for days at a time. I'm rather cheap so I think I'll pass on the addiction and try to keep myself organized and focused. heh... That just made my ADD laugh.

Well I need to go read a comic book!