Friday, January 16, 2004


Humidity is risin’
Barometer’s gettin’ low
According to all sources
The street’s the place to go
‘Cause tonight
For the first time
(First time)
Just about half past 10
(Half past 10)
For the first time in history
It’s gonna start raining men
(Start raining men)

It’s raining men, Hallelujah
It’s raining men, Amen
It’s raining men, Hallelujah
It’s raining men, Amen

I love that song. This is my life right now. I don't know what's going on but the past week has been crazy. I must have the pheremons or something going on. And ya' know what's the craziest part? The week prior to this it was like I wasn't even here, lcompletely completly invisible. I could have been walking around with a big sign saying I was giving free blow jobs and I swallow and no one would have taken me up on that.

This week - crazy. The horse man is calling me on his lunch hour just to hear my voice, an old flame from the past is talking about taking a special trip to Texas just to see me since his work doesn't take him near Texas any more, the Scotsman and I have a mindboggling amount of chemistry - it's frightening that we've only known each other 3 days!!!!, then the Navy man - after slowing things down and cooling things off a while back - he just said he can't be like that anymore that there's much much more to it and he's turning the heat up again, my Sancho is back - after almost 2 weeks he's back to take care of my needs, and finally there is the cowboy - the bastard - he's back being attentive, saying all the right things - I don't trust him though, I know his patern... my most dsyfunctional relationship - I need to tell him to hit the bricks and don't come back, but I don't want to and that's the crazy part. These are all the men I have a mutual interest in. I'm not even going to mention the unwanted men giving me attention.

I feel like I'm doing a great big juggling routine. It's not that I'm trying to keep any of them from finding out about the others, I just don't know yet who to remove from the list of eligible men. It would be so much easier if one or two of them would show their true nature as a complete ass and I could just tell him to take a hike without having any doubts. *sigh* all this was easier, much eaiser when I was young and naive. No worrying, no wondering, no waiting, just blindly following my heart. Well I guess as long as I can keep my men up in the air I can wait for me to figure if any of these will be the one or whatever.

Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Cookie Time!

It's that time of year again - Girl Scout Cookie time! Woohoo! I haven't had GS cookies for several years. Now that hubby has this job, there are people there who have daughters in GS. YEAH!!! He sent me an e-mail letting me know someone in his office is taking orders. The thought of GS cookies (especially the two new varieties) - prompted me to compose a poem! Well the cookies and my discussion of men (yes more man woes for me). And here it is!

Affairs of the heart are so confusing... Fun and exciting, painful and tearful... Ugh, cookies are so much easier. Just order COOKIES!

I love cookies, cookies love me,
I never have to wonder and they never cheat on me.
They always give me love that lasts -
Even if it means I have a bigger Size.
Cookies never put me down or make me feel sad,
And they never talk the town to make me look quite bad.
With cookies I've never faked it, never had a reason to.
They never lie about what they plan to do.
I always know they'll end up going below the waist,
If only for my thighs - at least I know there'll be nothing done in haste.
Never worried about impregnation from a chocolate fascination - immaculate conception that certainly would be.
Lemon cookies and chocolate cookies and Samoas all for me!
Men and cookies just can't compare, just order the damn things right!
At least I'll have something to do at night,
And if they piss me off I'll just get another box!

Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Hard Earned Money

Today was a grueling day with the little people. I sent a message to hubby before he left to come home and told him that he HAD to take the little people out - for my sanity. I won't go into all that happened... Except about the geese... Later though... Anyway... When hubby took the little people out that my was golden opportunity to clean the living room that they had taken great pleasure in destoying today.

I started cleaning and then got angry because the kids had so many pieces of games and puzzles on the floor. I had the urge to just throw it all away. Then I thought "What? Throw it away? You paid for it all with your hard earned money!" So I stopped and thought about it. Hard earned money. A concept kids really don't get. I got my first lesson about 'hard earned money' when I was really small, maybe 3 or 4. In a particularly rare and malicious moment I got my daddy's pay check and tore it into pieces. I didn't know WHAT it was, but it was something that was important to daddy and since he made me angry I would take his important thing and tear it up. I got my ass tore up for this 'hard earned money' stuff. Well that's when I learned not to touch daddy's 'hard earned money' Valuable lesson. Later in life I learned that adults talk about this 'money' stuff a lot and I learned to get STUFF I needed this 'money'. The shiny round money was more fun than the paper stuff - at least at that age! I got older and realized that the paper money was the best to have and that it was pretty damn hard to get from the parental units. When I was 11 or 12 I learned how to earn that 'hard earned money'. I baby-sat and did chores to get it, suddenly it meant a lot more. I could get stuff with my 'hard earned money', I really didn't know what the hell was up with the parental units. They worked all the time and always said they didn't have enough 'hard earned money' when I could baby sit for an evening, make $20!!! And that was MORE than enough for things I wanted... Well maybe not MORE than enough, but I could get stuff and that was pretty damn cool - the only thing cooler was when the parental units gave me money (which was RARE). When I became a teen I suddenly had to finance myself. The parentals still took care of food and a place to sleep but I paid for every thing else out of my 'hard earned money' - which really didn't seem all that hard at that time. I had a coshie after school job that made more than most of my friends did - but when you figure I had to buy my own school clothes and school supplies, lunch money, bus fare, etc... That 'hard earned money' didn't seem to last long enough for me. I had the appreciation of 'hard earned money' by the time I moved in my hubby. We lived in the cutest little apartment and bought a cute little car. We didn't make a lot but I started thinking that my parents had no freaking clue how to manage their 'hard earned money' because for some reason hubby and I could do just fine on what we made. Then came our first child. I still had the naive thought that the parents were just bad with money... Although that was getting a less harsh view of that now that I had a child. Then came the second child and everything in between. Now that 'hard earned money' had to go even further than before. And before I knew it I started sounding like my mom when my kids were begging for crap in the stores. No, no, no, no, no, no... It was like a song.
ugh... Back to the mess... I look down at the floor and all the game pieces and puzzle pieces and then it hit me. Fuck it! Picking up all this crap and sorting it all the damn time isn't worth my TIME. Something that is just a bit more valuable than my 'hard earned money'. So I bagged it all up and threw it away. The little people never noticed and I'm not stepping on it today. Sometimes time and sanity are more important than that 'hard earned money'. Life is good.

Monday, January 12, 2004

Salmon Patties And Crabby Patties

I made the salmon patties for hubby, he loved them - said they tasted better than his mothers. I don't know, I wouldn't try it - let me explain...

Anytime anyone mentioned Salmon Patties, I would get this image of June Cleaver-esque women in the 50's serving salmon patties at their fancy-ish dinner parties, setting them down next to a green jello mold with carrot pieces and raisins suspended in the jello. This is not the image that makes me WANT to try salmon patties (or the nasty jello mold either). But, hubby wanted some. I got the recipe and printed it out. Close to time when hubby would be coming home I started making the patties. I got all the ingredients out and opened the can of salmon. Ewwwww.... The smell reminded me of the nasty cheap cat food my grandmother would feed her 20 + cats. My initial impulse was to throw it away. But I didn't. Then I followed the directions - to flake the fish... And there were BONES in it! YIKES! So I pull the bones out (I know now that I didn't need to - at least that's what hubby said, said they were soft and would get smushed up). This only makes the image of CAT FOOD that much more indelible in my mind. I finish the preparation and get the fried up, they look perfect. Hubby said they look just like what his mom used to make. I'm thinking that the little people won't be eating this because Super Girl was helping me open the can and watched me take the bones out and she was thinking it was cat food also. Then I make the crab patties. I put half of a salmon patty and half of a crab patty on each kids plate (with plenty of ketchup). I only put crabby patties on my plate - just could not bring myself to try the salmon (cat food) patties. Much to my surprise the kids ate the cat food... I mean salmon patties! They ate the crabby patties also. I thought to myself that I would have to make more of the salmon patties... That is if I can bring myself to do that!

In summary, dinner was an absolute success but I think I've been traumatized for life and will always feel extreme guilt for feeding my children cat food! (well that's what it looked like to me!) No guilt about feeding hubby cat food - he asked for it.

Last night I made the BEST soup ever. A wonderful chicken soup with wontons in it.

I had to use the last of the wonton skins so I figured I'd drop them in some soup. I filled the wonton skins with carrot, mushroom and cabbage (all shredded, lightly spiced and with some olive oil added - microwave for 3 minutes until tender). I dropped the wontons into a pot of boiling chicken stock - I had some that I had made the other day, I hadn't finished with the seasoning so I added a bit of powdered bouillon to give it a richer flavor (I usually take the time to reduce my stock). In the stock I added the rest of a head of green cabbage, some sliced carrots and mushrooms. It was all done in less than 30 minutes and it was wonderful. The little people of course wouldn't eat it (brats). I had the last of the soup with half a sandwich for lunch today. mmmm...

Tonight I'm making Salmon Cakes for hubby. Yuck. I don't like salmon and I've never made salmon cakes. I found a highly rated recipe on a site and I'll be trying that one. I think I'll be making some crab cakes for myself and we'll see if the little people will eat any of this.

Not much else to write about...
Princess Tea Party

Saturday after work I took the little people to a friends house for a play date. My friend's little girl doesn't have many girls to play with in her neighborhood. I found Super Girl's long lost twin. They were both so hyper and excited to be playing. They jumped on the trampoline, they played with the dogs, they played dress up, both ate the sandwiches but only after removing the cheese, they both just ate the frosting part of the pink cake, they played with make up (oh that one had me regretting not having my camera with me - it was a RIOT), they played Barbie and both of them LOVE the movie Spirited Away. It was cute, neither wanted the fun to end. When it was time to go the little people and Grace had this very cute group hug and then held down Gracie's big brother to give him hugs and kisses. hehehe...