Monday, January 12, 2004


Last night I made the BEST soup ever. A wonderful chicken soup with wontons in it.

I had to use the last of the wonton skins so I figured I'd drop them in some soup. I filled the wonton skins with carrot, mushroom and cabbage (all shredded, lightly spiced and with some olive oil added - microwave for 3 minutes until tender). I dropped the wontons into a pot of boiling chicken stock - I had some that I had made the other day, I hadn't finished with the seasoning so I added a bit of powdered bouillon to give it a richer flavor (I usually take the time to reduce my stock). In the stock I added the rest of a head of green cabbage, some sliced carrots and mushrooms. It was all done in less than 30 minutes and it was wonderful. The little people of course wouldn't eat it (brats). I had the last of the soup with half a sandwich for lunch today. mmmm...

Tonight I'm making Salmon Cakes for hubby. Yuck. I don't like salmon and I've never made salmon cakes. I found a highly rated recipe on a site and I'll be trying that one. I think I'll be making some crab cakes for myself and we'll see if the little people will eat any of this.

Not much else to write about...

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