Monday, January 12, 2004

Princess Tea Party

Saturday after work I took the little people to a friends house for a play date. My friend's little girl doesn't have many girls to play with in her neighborhood. I found Super Girl's long lost twin. They were both so hyper and excited to be playing. They jumped on the trampoline, they played with the dogs, they played dress up, both ate the sandwiches but only after removing the cheese, they both just ate the frosting part of the pink cake, they played with make up (oh that one had me regretting not having my camera with me - it was a RIOT), they played Barbie and both of them LOVE the movie Spirited Away. It was cute, neither wanted the fun to end. When it was time to go the little people and Grace had this very cute group hug and then held down Gracie's big brother to give him hugs and kisses. hehehe...

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