Friday, January 09, 2004

Young And Stupid

Why is it that the statement 'young and stupid' is usually the case? I suppose that is better than just being 'stupid'. Unfortunate for my young-male-relative-who-I-won't-name he completely fits the Young and Stupid category. I love him to death, really I do, but I can't believe exactly HOW stupid he can be... I'm not sure being YOUNG explains it all. He and his friends have various blogs and web pages that they leave updates on. I find them from time to time and read up on what the Young and The Stupid are doing. And I am rarely disappointed in the stupid antics of he and his imbecile friends. Recently they threw lit firecrackers on the balcony of someone who had thrown a coke can at them for talking (loudly) while sitting at the pool of an apartment complex - this was 3 AM when dumb and dumber did this. Recently someone showed me a web page that my not so bright relative had. He had a profile on Yahoo, and his profile picture is.. uh... Well... His um... You know... His ... ya know... His member... Yeah really. He has a profile that is "(insert name)'spenis" and it's his a picture of his penis. Brilliant. This boy is a fucking genius. I laughed so hard when this was shown to me. One would think that he would know better than to do something like that... Especially attaching his own NAME to the page. HAHAHAHAHAHA!

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