Thursday, January 08, 2004

A Moment Of Silence Please

We watched 'The Last Days Of Elvis' on E! Tonight. It was very sad... No really it was... And that's not just my redneck-trailer-trash-velveeta-eating-polyester-wearing-big-haired-Elvis-worshiping-southern genes speaking, it really was a tragic story. I remember when Elvis died, I was just a little kid - my birthday had passed just 5 days previously (but I think my parents were telling me it was the coming weekend so we could celebrate later and since I was little I had no freaking idea they were conning me) - I was outside thinking about my birthday when my uncle (the one that turned out to be the particularly stupid-self destructive jack-ass of the family... hmmm... Coincidence?) came outside and said that Elvis was dead. My thought was "Huh? So? My birthday is coming up!" Then I went back to playing and wondering if daddy would take us to a theme park and if I was suddenly big enough to ride the "You Must Be THIS Tall To Ride This Ride" rides. But I do remember it and I always remember that moment around my birthday. *sigh* anyway, it was sad that a man who was so influential in music history died such a sad, pathetic, lonely and embarrassing death.

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