Thursday, November 13, 2008


Cakes from October.

Nothing really to write. Not happy anyway. Just cake.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Halloween Decor

The Tiny Terrorists and I just finished this. I love it!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

CAKE! The Wedding Edition

I've been doing a LOT of wedding cakes recently.

I really love this cake. It's a really small cake for a small wedding.
Ah this cake. A total disaster. It looks fine, but by the time they picked it up 6 hours late, it was not so great. Heat and humidity are the enemy of wedding cakes. Many of the leaves had fallen off the cake and the icing was separating from the cake, it was horrible. I wasn't there when the cake was picked up (they were 6 hours late) but I have photos sent to me by the person who picked it up. I can't get them to upload for some reason.
Laura's cake. This wedding actually took place the Saturday that Ike hit so it was HORRIBLY humid. The cake was to be picked up on Friday before the wedding and transported a good 90 minutes away. I was so very freaked out by the wedding cake from the weekend before that I begged the person picking up to come back in the morning and get the cake when it was completely frozen. I knew that otherwise the cake would be a complete disaster when it arrived because the person picking up didn't have great air conditioning in his car. Luckily he understood.
This photo didn't come out good at all.
I thought I would hate this cake when it was ordered. Then I actually made it.
And loved it.
This cake is set up on three stands so they near each other but not on top. It is absolutely beautiful.

I have three wedding cakes for this Saturday so.... more photos to come.

Moving on...
I've taken the next steps to becoming a Crazy Cat lady. I adopted two new kittens. Actually one is mine and the other is D's.

The black and white one is mine and her name is Spot. The ragdoll is D's kitty, her name is Fideaux.

This is Sunshine on the first day she accepted the intrusion of the kittens in her life. It took a couple of weeks but she finally stopped hissing and swatting them.

Fideaux's name is actually Fearless Fideaux because she has BIG BRASS BALLS. From the moment she got here she was climbing everything and into whatever she could. Unlike Spot who spent 6 hours straight sitting in her kitty cave because she was afraid of everything. Fideaux even went so far as to pounce on Sunshine which of course pissed off Sunshine and cause her to hiss and smack. Didn't faze her a bit. Now Sunshine has accepted her role as adopted mother and will groom the kittens. Fideaux loves it but Spot is still scared of Sunshine so she cowers when it's bath time. lol!

Anyway, they are little shitheads who get into everything and climb whatever they can get their claws into. Luckily they are super sweet and amazingly cute, which means I haven't killed them yet.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Cake Returns

I have so much to write about. So very much. Just... blah. Here's some cake for you though.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Not Dead Yet

But I've felt like it recently. I've got the flu. It sucks. Much to write about. No energy. Have CAKE!

This was a grooms cake. Got completed with a John Deer emblem.

Okay, I'm off to be miserable. Have a lovely evening.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

NOT CAKE! Read Anyway...

*Disclaimer* This post will not be about CAKE! Nor will it taste like CAKE! It shall not smell like CAKE! And it certainly won't have any photos of CAKE!

This post isn't about me and how I've been super busy. Or how I started selling Mary Kay (e-mail me if you'd like something). Or how things have been insanely busy and somewhat shitty since my birthday with things here and there being good. I'm not going to mention how I've not updated the blogs, sent e-mails, read emails or done much of anything other than work, do laundry and sleep a little bit. It's not about how much I suck because of that either.

What this post is about is to raise awareness that SEPTEMBER is CHILDHOOD CANCER AWARENESS MONTH. Yeah I know, it's not a pleasant thought... that's why you should take a moment to think about it. And think of what YOU can do. Let me tell you what I'm doing. This Saturday, CHILDHOOD CANCER AWARENESS DAY, September 13th the Tiny Terrorists and I are going to be walking in a 5K to raise money for Heroes for Children an organization that helps out families of children with cancer. This is a fabulous organization and they do a lot of good for Texas families (the team I'm walking with is in memory of a child of someone who is near and dear to my heart. Heroes for Children helped them out on several occasions when they were in serious need.) Go check out their web site, Heroes For Children to learn more about the organization.

Now that you've checked that out I want you to go to here or here and make a donation to help Sheri reach the $5,000 mark. The donations total $3,037 at this very moment, so it's not that much more to go. Please make a donation to this great organization.

Much love and many hugs!

PS, what the hell, you can have some CAKE now!

PPS, feel free to direct people to the above links!

Monday, August 18, 2008


Me: Cabbage Patch will you please be quiet. You do not need to talk all the time.
Her: I just love to talk.
Me: Yes I know.
Her: blah, blah, blah... *to no one in particular*

Sunday, August 17, 2008

UnCakeworthy Sunday

Didn't do anything spectacular today. Cleaned the bakery and my tools. Spent a huge chunk of $$$ on school supplies and shoes. One week of summer vacation left for the progeny then they are back to the slave pits... er... school. I'm so happy!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Friday is Cupcake Day!

Something new in the freezer case.

Iron Man rocks the cupcakes.
Flower power.
My Little Pony so cute!
My favorite! The new Spongebob kit!