Tuesday, September 09, 2008

NOT CAKE! Read Anyway...

*Disclaimer* This post will not be about CAKE! Nor will it taste like CAKE! It shall not smell like CAKE! And it certainly won't have any photos of CAKE!

This post isn't about me and how I've been super busy. Or how I started selling Mary Kay (e-mail me if you'd like something). Or how things have been insanely busy and somewhat shitty since my birthday with things here and there being good. I'm not going to mention how I've not updated the blogs, sent e-mails, read emails or done much of anything other than work, do laundry and sleep a little bit. It's not about how much I suck because of that either.

What this post is about is to raise awareness that SEPTEMBER is CHILDHOOD CANCER AWARENESS MONTH. Yeah I know, it's not a pleasant thought... that's why you should take a moment to think about it. And think of what YOU can do. Let me tell you what I'm doing. This Saturday, CHILDHOOD CANCER AWARENESS DAY, September 13th the Tiny Terrorists and I are going to be walking in a 5K to raise money for Heroes for Children an organization that helps out families of children with cancer. This is a fabulous organization and they do a lot of good for Texas families (the team I'm walking with is in memory of a child of someone who is near and dear to my heart. Heroes for Children helped them out on several occasions when they were in serious need.) Go check out their web site, Heroes For Children to learn more about the organization.

Now that you've checked that out I want you to go to here or here and make a donation to help Sheri reach the $5,000 mark. The donations total $3,037 at this very moment, so it's not that much more to go. Please make a donation to this great organization.

Much love and many hugs!

PS, what the hell, you can have some CAKE now!

PPS, feel free to direct people to the above links!

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