Friday, March 12, 2004

My Favorite Bug

I love cicadas. I love the whole live cycle of them - very cool. I love the noise they make, it sounds like the trees are humming. I was wondering when (if) we would see cicadas this year. Last year I saw ONE cicada and was horribly disapointed that the trees were not full of them. Cicadas are one of the only bugs I will pick up and touch (only in the final stage though). I was thrilled to see this story. It leaves me hopefull that soon the trees behind my town house will be filled with my favorite bug.

Wednesday, March 10, 2004


So I'm here at the computer wasting time when I have so much to do. I'm so far behind on this project that it's not even funny. Ugh. I will get it finished as always but just not leaving myself much time.

I'm a habitual procrastinator. I always have been. I work well under pressure. I remember writing my entire senior paper the night before I had to get it typed in and printed to turn in - and even then I didn't get it printed until the morning I had to turn it in! Yikes! (I made an A on it so it was worth the effort). This lovely pattern was continued during my brief college days as well - I wrote 4 English papers in one day because the deadline for the 5 papers we were to turn in for the class was the next day (my sister wrote one for me just because). I've always procrastinated. It works well for me - I held a 3.67 GPA in college - so I suppose I shouldn't complain.

Well I guess I better get started before I start waxing poetically about XXXX. *sigh*

Sunday, March 07, 2004

Lego My Family!

We have been having way to much fun with the Lego site.

this is a re-do of me (I discovered they had boobie bodies for the lego people!) and K's rendition of himself.

And this is the offspring - Super Girl and Cabbage Patch. :o)

One Big Happy Lego Family!

Now go! Make your Lego self!