Friday, May 09, 2008

Missionary Kitty

more cat pictures

Maybe this is what that damn black tom cat is after.
Finally Friday

Not sure why I was waiting for it to be Friday, it's not like I get the weekend off. Actually Friday is the start of my super busy time. Maybe it's because I just want to get this crap over.

Where to start... I apologize for the fact that this will be ever so random and rambling and truly have no point what-so-ever. I think you like that though, don't you? Your sick like that... I like that in a person.

I got up at the unholy hour of 4 am yet again so I could do some work before I actually go to work. I've done some sewing, made lunches for the Tiny Terrorists and pilfered through their backpacks finding their progress reports and a hidden discipline report for one of them... summer school recommendation for the other. Lovely. As it stands, Super Girl will pass and Cabbage Patch needs summer school. No surprise. I'm still pissed that Cabbage Patch's kindergarten teacher did her such a disservice by promoting her to the 1st grade when she obviously wasn't ready. I will do the Sumer School route and hope she will be ready for 2nd grade by the end of the summer but if not, I'm going to insist she be held back. Watching her struggle and develop a dislike for school work has been frustrating to say the least. Let's not even get into the daily battles over homework - *sheesh*. Super Girl is week in two areas according to her progress report, I send a note to the teacher asking if she needs sumer school. Honestly, I hope she does so they can both be at the same place most of the summer. I know, I'm going to hell for that one, but really, it would do her some good and I wouldn't have to worry about child care until the middle of July. Yes it will suck for both of them for the summer, but I'd rather they get ahead academically than have a neato fun summer. I'm waiting to find out about tuition for sumer school. *fingers crossed that it's not too expensive*

Moving on... There is a black tom cat who keeps showing up at my window bothering Sunshine. I'm not sure how to dissuade this cat from loitering at my window and irritating my geriatric cat, I don't want to be mean but I really don't want to hear him meowing at me in the morning or hear Sunshine get all in a fluff because he has the gall to be alive and be outside her window. Another reason I want him to step off, Monday I left my umbrella outside when I got home, Tuesday I grabbed my umbrella before heading out to work (duh!), when I got to work and was putting my stuff away I got a whiff of eau de cat-piss. I think that little fucker marked my umbrella. I haven't checked again, I stuck it in my cabinet and forgot about it. Hopefully it'll rain soon and I'll get it washed off by nature.

Okay my time is up, I have to get off to work.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Random Thoughts

I'm tired. I have to open the bakery today... and tomorrow. Fucking people taking vacation the week before a 'holiday'. This is putting me behind on the things I have to have ready for this weekend. And I have a WEDDING CAKE for this weekend. A big monstrosity of a cake. Columns I've never done before. I'm panicked. No day off for me this week.

Sold yesterday. I like dots.
And stripes. So behind on other things. Must finish them SOON.
This one is still in the case. Not sure why, I think it's the prettiest. The Tiny Terrorists got invaded.
By LICE. Crisis over now, battle was fought with multiple chemical assaults and a tenacious and constant sweeping of the area. Still nervous of a surprise sneak attack from them. Damn school children!
Wouldn't your mom like a CAKE for Mom's Day?
This is but a small fraction of what I've done so far. I don't like doing holiday crap like this so much. Boring, repetitive, makes me contemplate the crass commercialism of the holiday. Stupid made up holiday. Buy mom a CAKE!
SOLD! More dots...
And stripes!
Color is off for some reason, not motivated to adjust. Thought it wasn't that pretty but sold first. Damn. The case is empty, the freezer probably is too. So much to do, can't work over time, need more arms or something.

I think Sunshine (the cat) is pissed. No more wet food. Didn't know I was out. Kids fed her like half a big can yesterday instead of just a little bit. Disgruntled cat, probably will pee in my purse while I'm at work.

Appleseed Ex Mechina ROCKS. Want to watch it again. Battlestar Gallatica first season checked out last night... damn me for getting hooked on this show in the 3rd (4th?) season! I really wanted to hate that show. When will Torchwood be back on??? Need my aliens and hot people fighting them.

Teacher appreciation week is bullshit. I appreciate them, truly. But a whole fucking week of kids bringing them stuff? Fuck that. I only get one lame ass day. Today is bring something sweet for the teacher day. Thought about sending them with a packet of Splenda for each teacher. But I don't want to waste my Splenda. Tomorrow is 'relaxation day', sending a Valium for each teacher would be great.

Super Girl's first Girl Scout camping trip is this Saturday. So excited and so nervous. Need a flashlight. Forgot. Damn. Cabbage Patch has her first activity with her new troop this Saturday also. Ceramic painting. So cool. Boy Scout trade show this Saturday, have ticket to go. I also have to work. Fuck. Will go in early so I can take off to go to drop off Super Girl and go to Cabbage Patch's activity. Have to skip the trade show, thought Cabbage Patch would love it. Fucking holiday and people taking a week of vacation when we aren't supposed to.

Time to make the donuts. Bye!

Monday, May 05, 2008

Hope You Are A Dick Today!

My dear sweet Super Girl just came up to me and asked what DICK meant. I inwardly cringed and asked her why she needed to know. Then she told me that some boy at school said DICK means 'happy and gay' which made me laugh and I told her NO, DICK doesn't mean HAPPY and GAY. Then... she wanted to know WHAT it DOES mean. And I was stumped. I've always tried to maintain a high level of honesty with my offspring (except with the funnier things, like Yes Aunt D is part Chinese, how else would she know Chinese phrases or brown cows give chocolate milk, white ones give white milk and the black and white ones give lattes... Strawberry milk is an abomination of nature) so I was uncomfortable with the notion of explaining that a DICK is either a penis OR it's a derogatory term to say someone is a jerk, as in 'he is a dick'. Plus I didn't want to encourage my offspring to actually USE that term and such a young age. When she's 17 and telling me that her science teacher is a dick then I'll casually nod in agreement, but at 9 getting a call from school that she was calling some poor kid on the playground a DICK just the thought of it makes hyperventilate. So.. I just went the MOMMY route and told her it wasn't a very nice thing to call someone and changed the subject. ;) Thank the heavens for short attention spans.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Brand New Day!

Yay! It's the start of a new week! And it doesn't seem to suck! Woohoo!