Thursday, May 08, 2008

Random Thoughts

I'm tired. I have to open the bakery today... and tomorrow. Fucking people taking vacation the week before a 'holiday'. This is putting me behind on the things I have to have ready for this weekend. And I have a WEDDING CAKE for this weekend. A big monstrosity of a cake. Columns I've never done before. I'm panicked. No day off for me this week.

Sold yesterday. I like dots.
And stripes. So behind on other things. Must finish them SOON.
This one is still in the case. Not sure why, I think it's the prettiest. The Tiny Terrorists got invaded.
By LICE. Crisis over now, battle was fought with multiple chemical assaults and a tenacious and constant sweeping of the area. Still nervous of a surprise sneak attack from them. Damn school children!
Wouldn't your mom like a CAKE for Mom's Day?
This is but a small fraction of what I've done so far. I don't like doing holiday crap like this so much. Boring, repetitive, makes me contemplate the crass commercialism of the holiday. Stupid made up holiday. Buy mom a CAKE!
SOLD! More dots...
And stripes!
Color is off for some reason, not motivated to adjust. Thought it wasn't that pretty but sold first. Damn. The case is empty, the freezer probably is too. So much to do, can't work over time, need more arms or something.

I think Sunshine (the cat) is pissed. No more wet food. Didn't know I was out. Kids fed her like half a big can yesterday instead of just a little bit. Disgruntled cat, probably will pee in my purse while I'm at work.

Appleseed Ex Mechina ROCKS. Want to watch it again. Battlestar Gallatica first season checked out last night... damn me for getting hooked on this show in the 3rd (4th?) season! I really wanted to hate that show. When will Torchwood be back on??? Need my aliens and hot people fighting them.

Teacher appreciation week is bullshit. I appreciate them, truly. But a whole fucking week of kids bringing them stuff? Fuck that. I only get one lame ass day. Today is bring something sweet for the teacher day. Thought about sending them with a packet of Splenda for each teacher. But I don't want to waste my Splenda. Tomorrow is 'relaxation day', sending a Valium for each teacher would be great.

Super Girl's first Girl Scout camping trip is this Saturday. So excited and so nervous. Need a flashlight. Forgot. Damn. Cabbage Patch has her first activity with her new troop this Saturday also. Ceramic painting. So cool. Boy Scout trade show this Saturday, have ticket to go. I also have to work. Fuck. Will go in early so I can take off to go to drop off Super Girl and go to Cabbage Patch's activity. Have to skip the trade show, thought Cabbage Patch would love it. Fucking holiday and people taking a week of vacation when we aren't supposed to.

Time to make the donuts. Bye!

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