Monday, May 05, 2008

Hope You Are A Dick Today!

My dear sweet Super Girl just came up to me and asked what DICK meant. I inwardly cringed and asked her why she needed to know. Then she told me that some boy at school said DICK means 'happy and gay' which made me laugh and I told her NO, DICK doesn't mean HAPPY and GAY. Then... she wanted to know WHAT it DOES mean. And I was stumped. I've always tried to maintain a high level of honesty with my offspring (except with the funnier things, like Yes Aunt D is part Chinese, how else would she know Chinese phrases or brown cows give chocolate milk, white ones give white milk and the black and white ones give lattes... Strawberry milk is an abomination of nature) so I was uncomfortable with the notion of explaining that a DICK is either a penis OR it's a derogatory term to say someone is a jerk, as in 'he is a dick'. Plus I didn't want to encourage my offspring to actually USE that term and such a young age. When she's 17 and telling me that her science teacher is a dick then I'll casually nod in agreement, but at 9 getting a call from school that she was calling some poor kid on the playground a DICK just the thought of it makes hyperventilate. So.. I just went the MOMMY route and told her it wasn't a very nice thing to call someone and changed the subject. ;) Thank the heavens for short attention spans.

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