Saturday, October 07, 2006

Won't YOU Take Me To Funky Town?

Good lord, I'm completly in a funk today - I wonder if it has something to do with the hours and hours of Muppets that have been playing at casa de Karmically Challenged. I'm starting to identify with the cranky old men in balcony. Who knows, maybe I'm just dehydrated, a nice cool beverage might perk me up... if it was mostly Vodka that is.

I'm just being random now... Deal with it.

Because I believe in truth in advertising.

And wearing a shirt that says "Look At My Tits!" just seems lame.

Recognition is great. Nothing like calling someone and when they ask who it is to say "It's that crazy bitch from Dallas!" and have them reply "Judy! How are you?"

Last week while driving to work and suffering through morning radio, I caught a small portion of some crap on a morning radio station. Some woman had called in because she believed her husband was cheating with a neighbor because he sent her some rose bulbs and a free magazine subscription. The radio DJ's got the man on the phone to 'bust' him and from what I gathered, they did. Or whatever. It was actually kind of stupid so I just kept listening because I could not believe it was actually happening. First off if you believe your spouse is cheating on you WHY the fuck would you try to bust them on a morning radio program? Honestly, WHY? That's just lacking class. Just go to the divorce lawyer if you can't trust them.

Purple popsicles suck. WHy do they even put them in the box of popsicles? I must have 20 purple popsicles in my freezer and no one wants to eat the damn things.

Okay... I need to take the Muppets DVD out and put it away for a long long time. They are having hillbilly muppets doing a song "I'm My Own Grampa" which is disturbing because it makes me think of my family in Arkansas.

Okay off to list my purple popsicles on E-Bay.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

National Can’t Finish A Fucking Thing Month

What? What’s that you say? There is no such thing? Are you sure? Because I’m not totally convinced of that. I can’t seem to get shit done. Sadly I started celebrating this month early. I missed my dr. appointment the middle of last week because my voice mail is possessed by demons and didn’t show any messages on my phone until Sunday when it showed 10 and by then I had already missed the reminder for my doctors appointment. I must have a doctor that had reminder calls or I’ll never EVER make it to an appointment. I’ll have a vague recollection that I was supposed to see someone about a something on some day but then I’ll just forget to call and ask anyone about what I could possibly have needed. That’s what happened. I knew I needed to see this dr for a stupid follow up to say “Yeah, these pills work!” and then have her renew my prescription for a year. Why can’t I just call it in? So whatever. But now I know that I missed the appointment and it’s practically Friday and I haven’t called to rescheduled.

What else? Oh yeah, the three other blog posts that I’ve started and haven’t finished. All this BLOG stuff is still cramming my tiny little brain and I just haven’t gotten the blogs out to clear up the space. Damn it. It’s like having 10 midgets in a clown car up there. Never mind. Don’t try to think that one through.

I have countless other things I need to get done and people to see but fuck it if I can get to that either. I have two dresses to finish for myself, two fairy costumes to finish and a pile of sewing that I must complete soon and fuck me if I’m not sitting here in front of the computer. And let’s not even think about the house cleaning!

This whole working Monday through Friday is really messing with cleaning. Not that I’m even a half assed house keeper, but damn the little bit I did do is now not getting done very well. I need a maid… or a slave. Don’t care as long as they clean.

Fuck. I need to go do some laundry or I’ll be headed to work commando tomorrow.