Friday, August 13, 2004

Black Cat

Just in case none of you had a lovely black cat cross your path today, I thought I'd put up the one in my neighborhood.

Funny thing is that this cat is super skiddish and I think I've only see it 3 or 4 times in the past year but there it was today, running around the parking lot on Friday the 13th.
Nice And Relaxing... NOT!

Things that are suppose to relax but don't

Doing yoga, normally very relaxing, add in a toddler and a kindergardener who think a person in a yoga pose is a person wanting to be used as a jungle gym.

Reading, normally very relzaxing, with the combination above it becomes a lesson in futility as you reread the same sentence 15 times before tossing book into the bathroom realizing that the only 'reading time' you have now happens to be when you are in the bathroom with the door locked while tiny fists pound on the door and tiny voices continually question whether you are in there, are you coming out, when is snack time, etc. until you finally emerge.

Meditation - add in the Tiny Terrorist and they think it's a free for all. The sound of things crashing to the floor, screaming and cat's howling make meditation impossible for anyone but the absolute deaf. No I've never tried mediation, I'm not that stupid to give the Tiny Terrorists even a 30 second head start in their secret demoliton plot.

All for now. Time to take the Tiny Terrorists out to burn off some excess energy.
Blessed Are Those Who Feed My Addiction

This birthday has been the coffee birthday. Both K and XXX got me coffee pots. K got me a French Press (pictured above and to the right) and XXX got me a Brew 'N Go that brews one cup at a time. I love both of them. The Brew 'N Go is just like the one XXX has - that I have coveted - it makes a cup of coffee in about 2 minutes - perfect for in the mornings! The French Press is the one I've wanted and makes up to three delicious cups in about 10 minutes. Each pot was opened and in use within minutes of arriving in my hands. Ahhhh....

Perfect presents - they love me. :o) Somedays it's good to be Judy.
An Icon Passes...

I just read that Julia Child passes away. How very sad. I thought she was very entertaining. Sometimes when I was very young and dreamed of being a master chef, I imagined meeting her and cooking with her.

The article mentions the cook book Mastering The Art Of French Cooking, which is my favorite cookbook. I inherited an old copy (1966 printing) from my mother (which is comical as she wasn't a very good cook and I don't think she ever even opened this cook book) and have used it quite a bit in the past 8 years it's been in my possession.

She was an interesting character, too bad their aren't more like her.

Thursday, August 12, 2004

Post Birthday Update

Well Koko (the bitch)totally fucking stood me up for my birthday. I think she did because I told her I wasn't going to pay this time as it was my birthday and all. Damn cheap monkey.

Instead I had a lovely dinner with the family, K made steak and taters. He bought a lovely cake and adorned it with 33 candles which the little people were more than happy to help me blow out. XXX called to wish me happy birthday and send me off to bed with a smile (no, nothing dirty you perv, just talking to him makes me smile).

Today I realized that I'd been given a gift I'll be thinking about all day. Gastrointestinal upset! Woohoo! K must have poisoned me last night. The bastard. So please excuse if I don't update much today, it means a) I've fallen into a deep healing sleep despite having two children screaming and covering the living room in a tidal wave of toys b) I'm in the bathroom wish I was dead or at least in a coma c) my brain is to preoccupied with being sick to make coherent sentences or d) I'm washing the laundry.

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Fun News

I absolutly love this article - Sex IS good for you! (read this one carefully XXX);o)

Sex Toys for Women - I think I want to be the proprietor of a Sex Shop. :o) XXX, ya wanna help me with product testing?

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Diving Right In

K has taken the plunge and started a blog. Head on over and say hello or whatever.
Public Service Announcement

I figured I'd let everyone know yet again that TOMORROW is MY BIRTHDAY. I will be home to receive all the presents and acolades that my adoring public will be sending to me so no need to worry.

heh. Kidding. Tomorrow is my birthday, just kidding about the rest. Gonna call Koko my birthay buddy and see if she wants to take me out for my birthday, maybe a sushi restraunt.
Art Imitating Life

The above is two photos of the wind chime thingie Super Girl got for me when she was visiting her grandma. She had to get it for me, it is me after all. heh. A bottle of wine and a bottle of champagne hang off it, so you know it really is me. ;o) Too bad it didn't have a cup of coffee as well.

Monday, August 09, 2004

Viking Kittens

Thanks to Petey, I once again have a link to the fabulous video.
Great Birthday Pressies
for me of course

Viking Kittens Shirt Or this Viking Kittens Shirt I like the orange kittie because I have an orange kittie.

I wish I could find the link to the Viking Kittens video again.
My Birthday Buddy

In reading this article about Koko the gorilla I discovered that she turned 33 July 4th. I never realized how close in age she and I are. On that note, let me take this moment to remind people that I will turn 33 on Wednesday. I wonder if Koko will send me a birthday card?

Koko or Judy?

Kind of errie how Koko sucking down the booze looks a lot like me sucking down the booze. I swear we could be twins. Maybe we were separated at birth.
If I Had A Penis...

This would be it's name!

My penis's new name is Major Tom the Strangely Proportioned Intruder.
Take Name Your Penis by badasstronaut today!
Created with Rum and Monkey's Name Generator Generator.

XXX showed me this. hehehe... he's a sick man, that's why I love him.


Short version:

Lots of belly dancers, cool dancing, late night trip to get me something to *drink, after **three in an hour I left but not before ***kissing all the guys and the girls. Long drive home.

*Coffee – lots of coffee
**Cups of retched coffee
***Goodbye – kissing everyone good bye that is.

Long Version:

Saturday night instead of our bi-monthly geeky gaming session we attended a hafla. It’s a belly-dancing thingie. It was Mystical D’s very first performance and she had invited us all. Mystical D is married to Bill The Queen.

So I work all day Saturday. I was so busy lunch was vending machine fare of questionable nutritional value. (Warning to others, jerky that you can purchase from a vending machine will haunt you for hours after consumption – I think I’m still burping that cheap jerky). K had done his boss a favor and helped her move ‘a few things’ on Saturday. The ‘few things’ turned into two storage units of heavy items that took from 8 am until 5 pm for them to finish up. I arrived home at 5:30 pm just mere moments after K did. It was a contest as to who was more tired, cranky and hungry – I won as K got lunch from Hooters (Yeah you know every gay man wants to go there). K got a quick shower and we left. A quick drive through Wattaburger for food for me and we headed out to the hafla.

Directions to said hafla were provided by Petey. In the directions we were instructed the shindig would start at 1900 hours. We arrived about 10 minutes after 7 pm and were confused to find things not in full swing. As we paid our $7 to get in we enquired as to when things would be starting and were told at 8 pm. Hmmmm… note to self… Kill Petey for my lost nap time.

The new Mrs. S and her husband arrived shortly after that as well as B and we all stood around plotting Petey’s demise for the time thing. The Bear showed up shortly before 8pm and absolved herself of any blame for the time mix up – it’s really didn’t matter, husbands always take the blame. It’s the Marital Scapegoat clause in the marriage contract.

The dancing was fascinating, the dancers were lovely. Mystical D did a wonderful job in her dance. Everything was over at 10:30 pm.

Everyone stood around until 11 pm discussing where to go as some people were hungry. It was decided to head to Denny’s (where the hell else would be open that late). I needed coffee badly as I had an hour drive home and I was fucking tired.

Our group is great; we all do more talking than anything else. It’s a fabulous group. Sometimes it makes me homicidal though. I walked out saying I was heading to Denny’s NOW, others could meet us. I think I already mentioned I was cranky and tired.

Denny’s. As soon as the waitress got us seated I ordered coffee. I needed caffeine and lots of it. The Queen and Mystical D sat across from me. After a few reminders to our waitress coffee was served. It was the foulest coffee, typical of a Denny’s I suppose – especially near midnight. No matter, I figured that even crappy foul tasting coffee was better than no coffee. Plenty of sugar and cream and it was at least drinkable. The next two cups were equally as retched but I was getting used to it and they went down much easier.

I tend to be very odd when tired and very talkative. I can’t even remember some of the things we all talked about. Politics, piercings, tattoos, religion, pseudonyms and driving directions.

I left about 12:30 am as I had to go to work soon! The Bear wrote directions back home for me on the back of a napkin. I insisted on this as I was TIRED, full of Coffee and I’m VERY, VERY bad with directions. The Queen was trying to give me directions by pointing vaguely in a direction and telling me to turn that way, but thankfully The Bear complied with my demands. I would have hated to have to kill someone.

The drive home was almost as much fun as everything else. I cranked the air conditioner up to freeze, put the radio station on a crappy music station and just drove. Freezing hands and bad music work well to annoy me awake – and if you ad in the full bladder it all works out well.

I got home about 1:30 am and got to bed about 2 am. I still need a nap.


The Little People are home from their week long visit with Grandma and GG. Grandma and GG have a huge house. In this house they have 3 dogs and 6 cats. Big cats. Most of the cats are bigger than the dogs. My cats are small by cat standard - just 6 lbs and 7 lbs.

The first thing Super Girl says when we get home is "Oh! They are kittens again!" I've explained several times that our cats are just small cats and GG's cats are BIG cats. It doesn't matter; I'm still getting questions of "why are our cats smaller?" "Why did you make the cats little?" "Are they going to grow big?" "Are they kittens?" To which I have continually answered that our cats are just small, GG has Big cats, our cats have always been small, no they won't get any bigger and the one time answer of 'yes, yes, I did shrink the cats, I washed them and dried them and they got smaller.' to which she asked 'why did you wash the cats?'

Silly child. This morning she asked "Mom, where are the real Sunshine and Dusty?"