Friday, November 05, 2004

Illustration Friday

Today is Illustration Friday, suject:Search.

I got this off a very cool site Penelope Illustrations.

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Pumpkin Soup

That's what's for dinner. It's good. I like it. K loves it. He asked for it. The little people will not eat it I am certain of that. It's good though. Ya know what's not good? I'll tell you - that BUSH won. FUCK. 4 more fucking years of this administration. What the fuck were the just over 50% of the US thinking???? No really! What? *breathing deeply, count to 10 slowly* Pumpkin soup. It's easy to make. And it doesn't taste like pumpkin pie. But it's good. It's so easy to make, even Bush could understand it! I don't understand how anyone who watched the debates could come away from them thinking "Hot damn, that man is brilliant! I think he needs to be in office for four more fucking years!" HOW???? I watched and often yelled at Bush asking him what kind of a fucking moron he truly is and why the fuck the man who's leading this country can't make a coherent statement??? And why all the lies? *sigh... must center one's self... think happy thoughts* Pumpkin soup. My soup is a little spicy, that's how I like it. It's warm. Always a nice comforting food for a cold night. (It's a bit nippy here) Very unlike the feeling I get from the thought of the current administration being in charge for 4 more fucking years!!! Why? And Kerry, why concede so quickly? I was kind of hopeing he'd do an Al Gore and bitch and moan until everything was counted and counted twice! Damned Ohio. What a disapointing election turn out. At least my soup is good.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Impressive Produce

I bought this massive cucumber the other day - and not because I miss XXX either, I have strictly platonic relationships with produce. As we walked home K joked "who knew a trip to the grocery store could be like part of a gay porn script" (we also saw the GAYEST man in our city in the store - seriously he was giving off some major GAY vibes.
Halloween Photos

Because every other mom authored blog I read (which isn't many to be honest) has a photo of their costumed children on it, I felt the pressure to conform.

I'm not sure why the two kids on the end look like they are in front of a fireing squad. Still it's a nauseatingly cute photo. Somedays I am truely amazed that my ovaries created them. (*note: only the cute female children are my progeny, the male is their cousin).

I like these photos, they were taken at the GAYEST party I've EVER been too. No really, it was that gay - it was a gay/lesbian parents group. I think I was one of two straight people (not counting kids) at the party. I like the photo of Cabbage Patch because she was being so nauseatingly cute that I heard how incredibly cute she was at least 8 times in a 5 minute span - this picture reflects her true Evil chocolate munching self.

Okay, okay, I'm done with the hormonal photo posting... at least until the next overly cute holiday photo op.

Go Vote!

If you already haven't.

And Angry Albino Sock Monkey would like to add:

But I wouldn't if I were you, I just can't endorse voting for any spiteful little primate who feels that throwing feces is great source of fun.... hmmm.... that kind of rules out the other candidates also now doesn't it... eh, well just go vote.

Monday, November 01, 2004

Our Halloween Costumes

I made K's costume. (the spot on the sleeve is just a spot on the photo) I just wore my rennie garb (I didn't go for eye popping cleavage since we were taking the little people out trick-or-treating - I sure wasn't looking for any tricks and I wasn't out to treat anyone!) Yeah I know, I looked so freaking happy. Oh well.
Halloween (sorta) Party

We had a surprise party this Saturday. We didn't have any plan and the plans of other people fell through so SURPRISE we had a party at our house. It kind of was just supposed to be a board game night but copious amounts of alchohol turns things into a PARTY. It was fun. I took photos, Petey and I are stupid drunk people and feel that it's imperative that we get a photographic log of our drinking endevors.

So here in pictures is our impromptu party.

Sober people. Mystical D and The Queen, The Redneck (with a child foot in his hand) and B with K.

Let the Drinking Start!! 1st drink, second and third (or forth...) drink. Petey sharing a beer with ET.

Who's drunker? I'm not sure what is going on in the next photo, I think it's something gay though.

The glow in the dark zombie that landed in my shirt. Petey with Bono-esque glasses on. See!! Bill IS a QUEEN! He looks good in a tiara though.

Mystical D is piling zombies on my cat. I guess she likes it.

Isn't he pretty when he's drunk?

I don't know what the fuck these are pictures of.

Here I am drunk - but I lost my drinking buddy. Oh, there he is.

And the conversation turned to sex toys...

Ummm... I know you've been called a dick head before, but that's now where it goes.

All good things must come to an end... especially when I have to work in the morning! Besides it was 2 am! (actually 1 am with time change crap)

Good Bye Mystical D

Good Bye Drunk Petey

Good Bye Redneck

Good Bye Queen

You don't even want to know... but he was begging for it!

And what would a drunken party be without some pussy.