Saturday, July 05, 2008

Saturday Snippets

Promotion... approved by store director. Paperwork going in on the 12th, barring any bureaucratic hangups, will be effective immediately... not sure about pay raise though.

Coworker... pissed off beyond reason. Feels slighted. Feels SHE should have been offered promotion. Not so, not so. Sorry, didn't mean to piss you off, I was just doing my job... something you should try.

Counter Offer... Holy crap! Trip to other store to fetch cake thing. Ended up helping with two cakes because I just couldn't bear to see them done sloppy. End of visit offered same position, then says "I'll pay you more." Shocked, flattered, humbled. Not going to take it, but could be good leverage if needed.

Last night... dinner with the happy people. Lovely time, good company, fabulous food. Proved I am a Geek Goddess. Debated Batman with the Anti-Jerry, explained to Retired Accountant why Batman is the bomb and why Batman Begins is THE BEST Batman movie (I can't wait for Batman, The Dark Knight) and why there is no Robin in the next movie. Take a moment to reflect on the comic book movies released and being released. Sense of de ja vu, had that same discussion on Thursday with Sarge.

2 hours spent tonight making macros for online gaming stuff. So damn cool. Took bath and finished reading Batman comic book.

Now I need sleep, need to get up earlier than usual early to call Japan before work.

Friday, July 04, 2008

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Outstanding Day

Today I had my evaluation at work. I'm an outstanding employee. My manager wants to start mentoring me to be the assistant manager of the bakery. She said she was recommending me for a 'substantial raise' as well. I won't lose my decorating duties (thankfully) and I should be getting some help with the non-decorated items that I do (YAY!). I'm very happy about all of this, management experience will be valuable for me when I have my own cake shop.

What else... I got a sweet card in the mail from a friend with a coupon for a free Starbucks Iced Coffee. Mmmmmm....

Also... my youngest is nearly finished with summer school and guess what? She actually LEARNED! I got all teary when I dug through her backpack to see her papers and saw a paper with actual sentences on it! She's about to turn 7 and though it pains me to see my cuddly baby growing up (Super Girl quit being a cuddly baby as soon as she could crawl at 5 months) I find it amazing to see how she's growing up.

Can't forget... The other night the girls and I were watching What Not To Wear (oh hush, I don't watch it regularly. I resorted to it because the Tiny Terrorists were rambunctious that night and they LOVE WNTW, so I knew it would make then sit the hell down and stop trying to kill each other), after it was over Cabbage Patch says "you need to cut my hair." I said "Yeah I know, I need to trim it, maybe I'll put in some layers." She said "No, I want it short." Then she motioned right below her ear. Which of course made my heart stop for just a second as I love long hair. I asked her if she was sure and she insisted several times that she was. So I cut it, just to chin length, not as short as she indicated. And... I love it, she looks like a little doll.

And... I'm going to head out soon to play some games (probably Magic). See... outstanding day.

So now... here is CAKE!!

This was in the display case, it's sold now. Lots of PINK!

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

More Cake!

This is a photo of a cake I did this past Saturday.

It was a Barbie themed party.
I matched the designs on the napkin.

I wasn't there when the customer picked it up, but I'm told that they loved it.


The theme for the month of July is FOOD. Being a cake decorator, I think I'll have no problem keeping with that theme. Now let's hope that I can actually have time to post every day.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Hot Pink Wedding Cake

Okay, it's not TOTALLY hot pink, but there is HOT PINK! And I LOVE it!

This is their keeper cake. They wanted to be able to serve all the cake to their guests (because they ended up with more people coming to the wedding than first planned and they needed to save some $$$).
This is so OVER the top. It was HUGE and it took about 3 hours to do. What's even better is that this cake was set up on a stand with a little fountain under it. I think this cake turned out lovely and BRIGHT and I just love that the bride went for something so bold and on the edge of being just plain TACKY!

More cake tomorrow!