Saturday, July 05, 2008

Saturday Snippets

Promotion... approved by store director. Paperwork going in on the 12th, barring any bureaucratic hangups, will be effective immediately... not sure about pay raise though.

Coworker... pissed off beyond reason. Feels slighted. Feels SHE should have been offered promotion. Not so, not so. Sorry, didn't mean to piss you off, I was just doing my job... something you should try.

Counter Offer... Holy crap! Trip to other store to fetch cake thing. Ended up helping with two cakes because I just couldn't bear to see them done sloppy. End of visit offered same position, then says "I'll pay you more." Shocked, flattered, humbled. Not going to take it, but could be good leverage if needed.

Last night... dinner with the happy people. Lovely time, good company, fabulous food. Proved I am a Geek Goddess. Debated Batman with the Anti-Jerry, explained to Retired Accountant why Batman is the bomb and why Batman Begins is THE BEST Batman movie (I can't wait for Batman, The Dark Knight) and why there is no Robin in the next movie. Take a moment to reflect on the comic book movies released and being released. Sense of de ja vu, had that same discussion on Thursday with Sarge.

2 hours spent tonight making macros for online gaming stuff. So damn cool. Took bath and finished reading Batman comic book.

Now I need sleep, need to get up earlier than usual early to call Japan before work.

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