Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Sarcasm At Such A Young Age! I’m So Proud!

Just yesterday, I’m in WallyWorld with D and the Little People. As we shop, we discuss their impending trip to Child Nirvana AKA Disney World and how they must not wander off in the park, yadda, yadda, yadda. I then say to Super Girl, "What would I do if you were gone?" to which she answered me totally deadpan “Adopt.” D and I stopped in our tracks, as we were at once over come with hilarity that we had to hide from the offspring and with utter pride at her perfect delivery of such a sarcastic answer. That was such a fabulous line that I completely forgive her for being utterly menopausal yesterday – I really gotta find her chewable estrogen, these mood swings are hell.

And I Thought Therapy Would Start Later in Life

Yesterday I took Super Girl to a child psychologist. This is our first step in getting her tested for her ADD. I have to say I believe it went rather well, she hasn’t started to blame me for all her issues yet even though she did tell the psychologist that her dad was the parent she got along with better while I was sitting right next to her! I was shocked by her utter honestly at that moment and she earned my respect as I would never have said that with one of my parents sitting next to me – my need for approval was far to great for me to have ever uttered anything that would earn me the ire of either of my parents. She has another session next week then he’ll set up testing. Hopefully things will go well.

The Job Situation…

Still unemployed. I THINK I’m getting closer to having a steady paycheck. Still looking.

Thanks for all your kind words and support – It’s helped keep me from drinking 7 bottles of Boone’s Farm a day… well not really, my lack of $$ has kept that from happening. Sadly I’ve not yet been able to shake my responsibility to the offspring and I continue to fritter away my money on stupid things like food for them. But your support has helped! And your job leads have been encouraging! And the antidepressants have been entertaining! What? You didn’t send those? Hmmmm… wonder who did and how I could get so luck??

Off to do worky-lookey stuff! Happy thoughts! Send the HAPPY THOUGHTS!! ( Or money)

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