Monday, January 12, 2004

Salmon Patties And Crabby Patties

I made the salmon patties for hubby, he loved them - said they tasted better than his mothers. I don't know, I wouldn't try it - let me explain...

Anytime anyone mentioned Salmon Patties, I would get this image of June Cleaver-esque women in the 50's serving salmon patties at their fancy-ish dinner parties, setting them down next to a green jello mold with carrot pieces and raisins suspended in the jello. This is not the image that makes me WANT to try salmon patties (or the nasty jello mold either). But, hubby wanted some. I got the recipe and printed it out. Close to time when hubby would be coming home I started making the patties. I got all the ingredients out and opened the can of salmon. Ewwwww.... The smell reminded me of the nasty cheap cat food my grandmother would feed her 20 + cats. My initial impulse was to throw it away. But I didn't. Then I followed the directions - to flake the fish... And there were BONES in it! YIKES! So I pull the bones out (I know now that I didn't need to - at least that's what hubby said, said they were soft and would get smushed up). This only makes the image of CAT FOOD that much more indelible in my mind. I finish the preparation and get the fried up, they look perfect. Hubby said they look just like what his mom used to make. I'm thinking that the little people won't be eating this because Super Girl was helping me open the can and watched me take the bones out and she was thinking it was cat food also. Then I make the crab patties. I put half of a salmon patty and half of a crab patty on each kids plate (with plenty of ketchup). I only put crabby patties on my plate - just could not bring myself to try the salmon (cat food) patties. Much to my surprise the kids ate the cat food... I mean salmon patties! They ate the crabby patties also. I thought to myself that I would have to make more of the salmon patties... That is if I can bring myself to do that!

In summary, dinner was an absolute success but I think I've been traumatized for life and will always feel extreme guilt for feeding my children cat food! (well that's what it looked like to me!) No guilt about feeding hubby cat food - he asked for it.

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