Friday, September 28, 2007

Frustrating Friday

Fuck, today has had it out for me. I post about being all happy and crap and the universe has to do everything possible to change that. BASTARD UNIVERSE!

It started out with coffee... I made myself coffee as I often do, upon looking at my coffee carefully post brewing I noticed it looked alarmingly weak and then realized that I had in fact NOT put the coffee grounds INTO the coffee pot. So my lovely cup of coffee became a cup of tea- well I didn't really want to wait another 5 minutes for a cup of coffee and figured that since the water was hot already, might as well use it.

THEN later while I was multi-tasking (read having multipule tabs open and wasting time) online my computer got attitude. I was forced to restart said computer. That was a BAAAAAAD thing. She still had attitude upon the restart and refused to resume play as usual saying something about needing a boot disk or some sush bullshit. What an asshole computer! I got on my phone and messaged K asking him what to do and he said "blah, blah, blah, Windows disk, blah, blah, blah..." So I scrounged around for a disk that said Windows on it and slipped it in the drive and restarted the computer.

Something happend then, not sure what, short attention span. Next thing I know it's asking for some special code, and well I have the distinct feeling that I missed a VALUABLE step of what K said that I sould have done. Oh fine. The universe hates me and my being on the internet. So.. I've been offlne all day except for the occasional IMing on my phone (that makes my thumb hurt!).

BUT have no fear! I DID manage to get a photo of MY CAT! And lucky for you reader, its a glamorous ACTION shot. If you look closely, past the bowl of tuna (hey my cat only get's the best... when I forget to buy them food...) you can just barely make out the OTHER cat dining next to her, but WHO cares about her? She won't let me take her photo! Sunshine is the star here! Enjoy all the glamor and hairball hacking goodness that is MY CAT!

Okay, yeah, moving on. Last night after a lovely sushi dinner I saw Resident Evil 3. Good movie, I liked most of it. And Mila... is HOT!

Okay I guess K would appreciate me not holding his computer hostage any longer... but ya know... I some how think he's behind the demise of my computer (that Mac loving gay man!). He has a long history of fucking up my computer when I ask him to check something out for me or to fix it. Last night I asked him to check if there was a way to make more room on my hard drive because it was pretty cool, when I got home he said he made a little room but I needed a new hard drive. I guess that was his way of telling me he sabotaged my computer again. Damn him and his gay agenda to kill my computer! That and him gaying up my crossword puzzles by finishing them! Thats just WRONG!

Okay, I'm done now.

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