Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Attempt 2

Well last nights chocolate cake was a dissapointment. It was still a good cake, but not the taste I'm looking for and my attempt at making the cake a tad bit moister just resulted in the cake kind of falling apart. Two out of three of the taste test team though it was great, but they are also under 10 years old and think anything with a high sugar content is fantastic. The over 40 crowd (teehee, I'm calling K a CROWD) tended to agree with me that although it was quite tasty, it wasn't just right. So... one more night of testing, I'll get an extra opinion from Sarge on Wednesday and then I may very well be at the END of my chocolate cake baking endurance. Who knows.

Scout Stuff

Just a reminder to all that Girl Scout Cookie sales have started! I know I sent out e-mails to most of you, and to those of you who I forgot to send an e-mail to, wow, I suck don't I? Anyway, e-mail me your cookie order, I'll give you more details on cookies and I'll even send a photo of the cookies with the details! Woohoo! Come on now, you know you want cookies.

Random Play

Recently I've had a brilliant moment. I know, it's rare, but it HAPPENS. I have started negotiating chores with my stubborn progeny with Wii time. For instance - take out all of the garbage to earn 5 minutes of Wii time. Sunday Cabbage Patch got with the program right away and earned 15 minutes of Wii time, Super Girl earned 5 minutes. Oh let me tell you the screams of 'That's not fair!' were loud and unending when Super Girl had to hand over the controls to ME after 5 minutes of play. Bwhahahahahaha! Sometimes being the MOM is AWESOME! It almost makes up for the fact that I really SUCK at all the games.

Over Heard

Sunday night as I prepared the red beans to soaking, Super Girl looked at the pot of beans with disdain and said "Beans... Don't beans give you gas?" What could I say except yes. I was silently impressed that she was thinking out her options of reasons for refusing to eat the beans.

Cabbage Patch has a new favorite word. Piss. Last week she pulled out that word as we were playing with her new Polly Pocket doll set. It came with a cat and a monkey. I was making the cat be a wee bit psychotic and hiss at everyone. At one point the cat hopped in the car and hissed at her doll to which she yelled "Cat! Don't piss in the car!" We had a discussion as to how PISS is not appropriate and how she shouldn't be saying it, yadda, yadda, yadda. I thought that was the end of it. This past weekend K and the kids met me for lunch. Out side of the fine dining establishments drive through area Cabbage Patch found a Pokemon card. Inside we waited for our number to be called the offspring played with the Pokemon card, at one point I heard Cabbage Patch say "I throw a PISS BALL at you!" All activity at the stopped as my attention was now focused on my 6 year old who was uttering piss yet again. "Cabbage Patch. If you say PISS one more time I will take you in the bathroom and wash your mouth out with soap. Do you understand me?" All forward thinking of reasoning with a child and not falling back on the soap in the mouth trick our parents loved so dearly went out the drive through window at that moment as I envisioned my adorable offspring telling her teacher that she needed to take a piss. No, no. That could not happen. I have YET to be called from school for a child swearing (I know, that's a surprise to ME also!) and I'm not about to have it happen over PISS.

Okay, enough from me. I have to get on to work. CAKE PHOTOS later today!

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