Sunday, January 20, 2008


You people and your cake addiction. *shaking head* But what kind of enabler would I be if I didn't provide you with your virtual sugar buzz? Go ahead, you know you love my cake.

This race car is made entirely out of cupcakes and icing! No wonder the payments are so cheap!
Not sure why I can't get a good photo of anything with a black border from this angle. I think my camera has ATTITUDE!
Ahhhh and the side of the cake. Isn't it pretty? The mom was all "Yeah, it's fine," when she picked it up - that after being so PICKY about the cake!
13 year old boys are just as odd yet less demanding as the girls.
I airbrushed that guitar blue then added the neck of the guitar. I made sure it looked like the exact Gibson guitar that the boy liked. His mom LOVED the cake.

Then there was the woman who picked up her cake at 12:30, called back at 1:30 to complain about the cake, I offered her a small white cake to make up for the fact that I didn't go the cake half white and half chocolate (sadly, I do make mistakes), she told me she was in a neighboring city which is 20 minutes away and besides the party was over and the cake was eaten, she just wanted some money back. ummm yeah.... a kids birthday party is completely done in 40 minutes? She was just being a bitch and wanted money back, she probably knows out store will do whatever to make sure the customer is unhappy. A couple of months ago on a Sunday a woman brought in a small piece of cake in a zip lock bag and a receipt saying that the cake was dry AND that the center wasn't cooked all the way through. She demanded the money back and didn't have the credit/debit card with her that was used to purchase the cake. The store manager went ahead and gave her the money back. On Monday when my supervisor called the number the woman gave, it didn't work. Not only that but there was no order from Saturday with that woman's name on it. So, someone just picked up a receipt and decided to see if they could scam the store. They DID! Some people suck.

More writing later, enjoy the CAKE for now.

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