Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Third Time Is A Charm

Last night I baked my third and final attempt at the PERFECT chocolate cake for this contest. Thanks to my sweetie, Sarge, who gave me the recipe to use - I made a couple of small changes to make it all mine. And here is the result:

Oh the icing was soooooo good.

Mmmmmmmm chocolate cake....

I actually thought I fucked up the cake because I didn't put it in the right size pan. What can I say, I've never been good at math! After cooking it for an extremely long time last night I just stuck it in the fridge and went to bed quite despondant about the cake as I had already vowed that the third try would be my final attempt to get this thing right - ADD makes life fun, I was already BORED with this and fearful that continued cake trials would result in the 16 lbs I lost last year rejoining the firm so to speak. But the fates have an odd sense of humor, this morning I retrieved the cake and upon freeing it from it's springform prison I discover that it was not RUINED as I expected, but that it was GOOD... no, not GOOD... it was PERFECT. I could barely contain my elation as I spread the chocolaty goodness known as chocolate buttercream over the fabulous cake bringing it from amazingly good to near godlike. Yes a rich chocolaty diety, something all fat chicks could worship. mmmmm... worship never tasted so good!

On to other things... CAKE!

Ah yes, the season of Mardi Gras is upon us!
WTF is up with the baby being GOLD though? That's so freaky looking.

And now for something completly insane:

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