Wednesday, December 31, 2003

New Years Crazies

New Years is going to be crazy as well. Today is our nephew's birthday so this evening we are heading to Chucky Cheese for his birthday then to their house for the evening. Tomorrow we are hosting a New Years day party so I have to finish cleaning my house - and it looks like a freaking disaster area right now - of course, I have kids how else would it look after I spend half the day cleaning? *sigh* If my kids were super mutant super heroes (villains maybe?) their super powers would be chaos and disaster. I'm so lucky. Despite the fact that I'll be cleaning and cooking until the moment we leave for nephew's birthday and cooking and cleaning until people show up (1:10 or 1:30 pm - Hubby sent out the invite with a little typo hehehe), I'm looking forward to people being over tomorrow.

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