Monday, December 29, 2003

Guess who's going to a hockey game tonight? I'm so excited! I LOVE hockey! I even canceled a date to go to this game.

The funny part of this is that when hubby told me that he had hockey tickets I didn't think they were for the Dallas Stars, I thought they were for the Frisco Tornados since one of his boss's has season tickets to the Frisco minor league baseball and hockey teams and we occasionally would get tickets to the games. I didn't even ask who the tickets were for, I didn't care, I enjoyed the last Tornados game. So I go ahead and cancel my date and we schedule for a babysitter. Then yesterday while hubby was talking to his sister-in-law about his nephew's upcoming birthday I hear him say we are going to the Stars game tonight. After he got off the phone I said to him that I didn't realize the tickets were for the Stars and not the Tornados. Then he tells me that not only are they Stars tickets, but that we will be in a suite watching the game! Woohoooo! Hell I would have taken tickets in the nose bleed section but this ROCKS! I'm so excited!!!!

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