Monday, December 29, 2003

Sick Again

WTF? I'm sick again. I've been having this stomach thing on and off since Friday night. I ended up not getting much sleep that night and thought it was just my reflux. I went to work on Saturday but felt not so great by the end of my work day. Hubby ordered us the BEST Chinese food on Saturday night because I didn't want to cook - he got me EXTRA spicy garlic chicken. Not the smartest thing for me to order, but I LOVE spicy Chinese food, I mean LOVE IT. This was so spicy hubby just tasted some of the sauce and absolutely refused to even touch the chicken. I was sweating just three bites into the dish, but it was soooo good. I had a glass of milk with me so I could cool down my mouth every so often then eat some more. I know it's crazy but it's like an addiction once I get this stuff. I ate all I wanted that night then had some for breakfast - it's even good cold! I had the rest for lunch yesterday. Ahhh it was good. I felt icky yesterday morning after I headed to work, but it passed and I worked the whole day. Later yesterday evening I started feeling tired then not feeling well so I didn't finish my dinner (chicken and shrimp gumbo for hubby). Now I'm tired again and didn't get a good nights sleep. My sister is an angel of mercy today, she happends to be in the area for work and came by with donuts for my kids for breakfast and has them with her for about an hour right now. Ahhh... Blessed peace. So I'm going to go nap so I feel good for tonight's hockey game.

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