Friday, January 02, 2004

Fabulous New Years Day Party

Yesterday was incredibly busy and incredibly fun. I got up before everyone else and checked my e-mail then got dressed and put some make-up on as I knew it would be far to busy of a day to get that done if I waited. The little people woke at 9 am! (the night before they went to bed very late after celebrating their cousins b-day at his house, Cabbage Patch got to go to Chucky Cheese with daddy but Super Girl had to stay home from that part as she was being a BRAT) I sent them up to immediately wake their daddy. Hubby stumbled down the stairs moments later still rubbing the sleep from his eyes, he appreciated having the opportunity to sleep in - I said he was welcome, I had considered waking him at 7 am but had decided to let him sleep until the little people got up. By 9:30 AM I had him and Super Girl out the door with a list of things to get at the store as I headed to the kitchen to wash dishes and start the food preparations. It was nearly 11 am when he arrived home loaded down like a pack mule. Hubby headed upstairs then to start cleaning the upstairs bath as I got into full swing in the kitchen. When he finished that I told hubby to get the table cleared off and ready as I was running out of room in the kitchen for the food I had prepared. I had prepared the black eyed pea dip and baked a good luck Greek Coin cake the night before and had baked chocolate chip cookies while hubby shopped. I got the lentils and sausage started on a back burner and started warming the oil so I could fry the potstickers. The deviled eggs were quick to make as were the veggie tray and cheese and cracker tray. After I fried the potstickers I went to get the plates and plastic-ware out of the closet as hubby fried the corn chips for the queso. We had finished all the cooking and cleaning as our first guest arrived with drinks, ice, cups (something we had forgotten) and grapes. And our first guest was a tall dark haired man - I made sure of that as it's lucky to have your first visitor of the year as a tall dark haired man. I had already sent him and his girlfriend an e-mail explaining that they had better not be late and that Martin had to come inside before Angie. Well it was just part of the whole Lucky New Year Party theme.

Our next guest arrived shortly after the first two (who were right on time). We started playing board games and noshing. Our next guests arrived with their little boy about 3 pm. The girls were thrilled to have a little one to play with. They left after about an hour and a half and our final guests had still not arrived by then. They did call to say they were close and would be there soon. They had a busy day and Peter had lost his wallet so they were even later than they usually are. They finally arrive, we play another game and one of our guests says his good-byes. We play Guestures and the non-blond team beat the crap out of the three blonds. *snicker* Then it was time to put the little people to bed. We played a game that was called 'Talk Dirty To Me' or something like that. It's where you replace words in a story with suggestive words. It was amusing.

Our guests finally left at 11:45 pm! It was great! We have the most wonderful friends! I'm so tired today. *sigh* And... This is kind of funny... Wednesday hubby had rushed around to the Honeybaked store to get a ham for the party with a gift certificate he got from work (I had wanted him to get some smoked turkey breast but told him to get what he wanted) and guess what got forgotten yesterday? hehehe... Don't see any ham on my table! Oink!

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