Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Chuckie's Looking Rough

Poor Chuckie. She's looking rode hard and put up wet. For those who are not familiar with Chuckie, she is the most beloved and most creepy doll of the little people. Both love her unconditionally and without bounds. She and Jaded Jenny are most valuable dolls in their toy boxes. The only two dolls with names and the two dolls that would cause the little people to turn against me and make voodoo dolls of me. Jenny has been loved a lot and is now missing certain items of her couture - her nose ring and chain were lost long ago, her black boots with the cool flames are in the toy box somewhere and their 'leather' studded wrist bands are threatening to join the boots. Chuckie on the other hand has always been a creepy looking doll and when it worked it was just frightening (to adults who were familiar with Child's Play, that awful horror movie - hence the name of Chuckie being given to the doll by us adults), now that she is a few years old she looks down right horrible. Her hair is in a permanent blond Don King doo, she has chunks out of both of her ears (some one was going through a phase of biting things), her body is spotted and the back where her batteries go (which will NEVER happen again) is usually open like an unfinished autopsy, one of her eyes is minus all the eye lashes and is permanently half open (or closed, whatever) and now, now her face is marred with black smears from the phone book (which I have no idea how the phone book came in contact with this doll as I NEVER use the darn things and keep them in a cabinet). I've tried to clean the marks off her to no avail. I briefly considered tossing the doll in the trash, but reconsidered when I remembered the heart wrenching sobs of Super Girl when I told her that mommy had to take Chuckie for a 14 day quarantine (which just ended). So I now have a pasty concoction on Chuckies face and legs in hopes of removing the offending black stains, Chuckies body has been painted with laundry soap, hopefully after a trip through the delicate cycle of the washer, she will be at least clean (still creepy) and less unhygenic. I'll post photos of Chuckie later - hopefully a CLEAN Chuckie.

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