Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Younger But Wiser

Recently I was at Broad At Bat's blog where I found the link to this person's blog. I read in amazement at how very eloquent this 15 year old writes. Yes 15, and not a hint of bad grammar, intentionally misspelled words or age appropriate (for a 15 year old) slang. Then I remembered this blog. This is utter crap. This blog is written by a 19 year old who supposedly is well educated and I know has a very good job. Well educated, good job, barely literate. All of his entries are peppered with slang, misspellings, horrid grammar and obscenities (which I can't really bitch about since I tend to us a LOT of obscenities). He frequently writes about his sexual 'exploits' as though his casual sex somehow makes him more mature and 'adult'. The only reason I check that blog is to hear of news about S, otherwise I'd never bother to click his like a second time. The 15 year old, well I think I may have to add him to my list of frequent reads. 15 *sigh* - there is hope for this world.

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