Sunday, November 18, 2007

Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow

Today I bid farewell to the damned gingerbread house. I couldn't help but tear up as it was carried out and off to the charity auction. Inside I was a bundle of conflicting emotion, part of me wished them to trip and for the cursed gingerbread house to smash on the fucking floor and the other part of me wanted to take a hammer to it. I kid, I kid. I wasn't completely satisfied with the results and was irritated that I only had this past week to work on it, but I did feel a sense of pride that I had in fact finished and had managed to fix my serious mistakes along the way. It's been an enormous learning experience that was not all together unpleasant. As is par for the course for me, my displeasure and dissatisfaction has left me planning for next year. I am insane.


Ya know, if I ACTUALLY LIKED football, I'd probably think this was pretty cool. But, whatever. I did however inadvertently fuck up the surprise of the cake by trying to call the person who ordered the cake to ask a question. The person getting the cake answered and was all "Oh, she ordered a cake?" when I said I needed to ask her a question regarding the cake she ordered. Oops.

Tomorrow is MONDAY and I'm really hoping to have time to do some pretty arty cakes for the display case.

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