Saturday, April 12, 2008

Catching Up On The CAKES!

Sheesh... Life has kept me busy with... well LIFE. And much of it SUCKS (financial woes and horrible car troubles and did I mention financial woes?) though some of it is WONDERFUL (my Sweetie Sarge) and then all the other stuff in between (like cleaning and kid homework and Girl Scout stuff and work). I need a vacation from being me.

Okay, enough of my whining, I know you aren't interested in that anyway - you want CAKE! So here it is.

My new Pokemon kit. I love it!
Self explanatory...
This cake made me laugh so much. I thought this was for the son of the woman who ordered it.
It wasn't. It was for a customer of the woman who ordered it, a 53 year old man!
Spring flowers... again.
from the top.
I'm so stupid, I send photos of all UT cakes I do to Sable. I know how all Aggies LOVE the Longhorns.
This looks like something is missing... and it is. The woman had the kit and just wanted me to do the background. Easy.
This is my FAVORITE cake of the day. It's actually cupcakes. I had soooo much fun decorating this.

Okay, K is home and wants his computer.

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