Monday, April 14, 2008

Manic Monday

Yeah I know, the title is stupid and cliche'. It fits though. It's a crazy day to follow a crazy weekend of work. I worked all weekend. K has worked every day lately, he just comes home to sleep between 1 am and 7:35 am. I see him for those 5 or so minutes before he takes the progeny to the bus stop and maybe a few after they get on the bus and before I head out to work. It's not horrible really, except when I actually do need to discuss things with him like finances and the like. Eh, what ever. Tax deadline is tomorrow and consequently his working until midnight ends Tuesday. Damn... then I may actually have to start COOKING again. Though it sucks to not get a break from The Tiny Terrorists, it is nice to say "What do you want for dinner? Sandwiches?" and have them give me a excited approval for such culinary delights. Well that and it probably has something to do with me bringing them home small cakes every 3 or 4 days. Cake makes everything better. But beyond not having to cook... I'd really like some time sans my progeny... just an evening or so. I'm getting tempted to start giving them Benedryl at 6 pm so they'll be sound asleep by 7 pm. TEMPTED I said, I did not say I WOULD do that so stop giving me that "Britney really is a better mom than you" look.

Moving on... It's quite likely that my hours will get cut next week which is DELIGHTFUL (*sarcasm*). I already make barely above minimum wage, cutting a day is NOT HELPING. My manager told me today that I'd probably just get 4 days to work next week and every time I think of that I get an involuntary twitch that looks something like me clutching my wallet to my chest... either that or me trying to keep an Alien from emerging from my body. It doesn't help that money just keeps hemmoraging from my wallet thanks to TX DPS and my piece of shit car that is neigh impossible to get legal. I have to take care of my latest and (not) greatest ticket this Thursday (what fun for a day off!) and just this afternoon found out that I won't be able to get one ticket dismissed because though I have the $$$ to pay the fees involved, it won't get processed before 7-10 days which is well AFTER this Thursday, so I just have to suck it and pay the ticket, add in the extra FEES from TX and consider having my check directly deposited to TX DPS from now on. Oh no I'm not being overly dramatic, it really is that bad. Blah, depressing.

But let's think of something HAPPY! Like FAIRE! YAY! And how I haven't been able to make it this year and probably won't except maybe once or twice... *sniffle, sniffle* My second year of missing faire. *sigh* It's killing me. SUCK! Whatever, I have to deal. Though I won't make it to faire this weekend, there is a damn good chance that some of my garb will be there minus me. I'll be loaning out some of my favorite pieces... well my only DECENT garb and it makes me happy to know that even though I'll be toiling away elbow deep in buttercream icing, my garb will be having fun at faire without me. My only worry is that she will be TALLER than me and that my skirts, which are a tad long on me will be SHORT for her because as it's been pointed out to me by SEVERAL people, I am not NEARLY as tall as I seem to think (sorry about the bloomers Cyn!). Wave at my garb if you see it!

Okay, I'm getting tired so I'll wrap this up. I'll write more tomorrow... it may or may not be coherent content.

My NEW Sponge Bob kit! I LOVE IT! (yes it is big, but it's on a really tiny cake so it looks bigger than it really is.)
A cool looking moth the girls tracked down today while pretending to be Bug Rangers. It was extremely cute, I let them take my camera out to take a photo of a butterfly and they made a 2 minute video which ended with them finding this moth. I'd post the video but ya know how adverse I am to posting photos of my progeny on the internet for the world to see. Sorry!

Okay now I'm off to bed.

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