Friday, April 18, 2008

Computer Online!

My computer is ONLINE again! Woohoo! K fixed my computer in a matter of moments after eMachines kindly did NOT fix my machine after having it for 2 long weeks. FUCKERS. I've learned my lesson, better to trust the gay computer geek rather than the company who is supposed to support it. See, K has more incentive to actually have my computer up and running. I don't monopolize his computer if mine is working, I don't upload hundreds of cake photos to his computer and I don't make his life a living HELL. Not that I WOULD do that, but I'm just saying...

Moving on... Blah, I can't think of anything else to write, so look at CAKE!

The roses are actually pink and orange - customer request.

Speaking of CAKE, yesterday an unsatisfied customer called about a cake she got last Sunday. Apparently she was unhappy with the amount of roses I put on her cake, not many according to her. Now mind you, she didn't say anything when she picked it up and she didn't pay extra for more decoration. She didn't leave her phone number either so I'm wondering if she even got her cake from my store as there was no record of her order in our files.

Well I lied, I do have things to say - crazy customer just brought to mind how it was Customer Waste Judy's Time day. I had a few customers today who seemed to intentionally be trying to waste my time. First was a woman who came in for a cake, admitted she forgot to order one and that this was last minute and said she knew I was busy. She got a cake from the freezer then wanted extra decoration. My boss was prepared to do the cake writing and all then the woman was standing by the sign that says 'Cakes by Judy' and she looked at it then looked at me and said 'Your Judy!'. Okay fine, I knew I had to do her cake at that point. I did what she asked while she shopped and when she came back she wanted MORE. I WANTED to tell her to fuck herself, but I just put more polka dots her cake and went back to work. The next customer was a man who wanted to explain what he wanted. Which is fine, I like explanation and not guess work. Except he kept explaining and explaining and explaining after I had already said that I understood what he needed. My boss finally walked up and said she would finish the order so I could go back to my cake. Even after that, he still wasn't done - He had to have ONE LAST comment. I wanted to kick him in the nuts for that. And finally, 15 minutes before I HAD to leave a woman came in to discuss an anniversary cake for her parents. Again with the over explanation. And she couldn't decide if she wanted the top tier round or square. I tried to put her off and get her to come back tomorrow which she was agreeable to but damn she wouldn't shut the hell up. I ended up leaving late and getting home right AFTER the offspring who had already gone to the apartment office and got the key, but before they actually got to Casa de Karmically Challenged.
And this is a cake for a wedding shower for tomorrow. It'll go on the top of a cupcake tree and tomorrow I'll finish the 24 cupcakes that go with it, I'll photo them tomorrow.

Okay, I'm off to bed now, I'll post more before Passover tomorrow night.

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