Sunday, April 22, 2007

Shitty Sunday

Well first off, I didn’t get the job. *sigh* That kind of soured the day for a while. D came over to fetch Coco and we decided that her most recent dye job of Cotton Candy Pink was far to light so we set off to buy dog dye of a different color. Shopping, talking, having a bit of time away from the offspring and buying dog dye – things were going pretty well.

THEN when I get home there’s a message from the guy I was to have a date with tonight – he bailed on me for the second time. The first time was Friday when he had a terrible migraine. Tonight it was because he said he had dinner with his ex last night and that they decided to ‘give it another try’. Hmmmm… and last night he was telling me that he was going to bed early because he still had that migraine. *eyes rolling up in head* So let’s see… Since January I’ve been rejected because I have kids, because I have cats and now for the ex. I’m on a roll. Eh whatever, there’s always someone waiting to take their place.

D and I proceeded to do a little art work on the pooch. And the results are magnificent if I do say so myself. Well, just look. No these are NOT PhotoShopped, the dog really looks like that. *sigh* This is what keeps me from having to take copious amounts of happy drugs.

Later I spent the rest of this evening riding herd on my offspring so they would clean that health hazard of a pig sty that they call their room. After all the clothing, books, toys and papers were picked up there was an unimaginable amount of glitter and confetti on the floor. No really, there was, I wasn’t smoking crack while they cleaned. It looked like herd of drunk fairies had puked in their room. But it’s clean now. That makes me happy. That and Coco’s new colors!!! Ya want a dog dyed? Talk to me.

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