Sunday, June 01, 2008

Zombie Offspring

That is one of my FAVORITE photos of Cabbage Patch. I took that photo when she was 3, right after she finished eating a bunch of fresh cherries. I thought it was just precious that she looked like a vicious brain eating zombie. So it should come as no shock when I admit that I let my progeny watch Shaun Of The Dead with me today. That has GOT to be the BEST romantic comedy EVAH! What? You don't think it's romantic? Oh but it is, the central story is about Shaun and his girlfriend Liz... and zombies... lots of zombies... mobs of zombies in fact. And because it was on TV it was cut to shit so I only had to tell Super Girl to cover her eyes once near the end. The censoring does make me wonder WHY 'wanker' was silenced though. I can understand Fuck and Shit and all that but 'wanker'? (incidentally, K was none to thrilled that I let the progeny watch Shaun of the Dead. Eh, whatever!)

Anyway... I'll post more later - WITH CAKE! - I know I've been a bit of a wanker about posting lately, but... fuck it's my blog and I've not had the time or inclination to post the inane ramblings in my head. But SOON! I will SOON! All the crazy is building up in my head and must come out! Coming soon! CAKE! Work Rant! Ex-Rant! and CAKE!!!

Okay, move along now... nothing to see here.

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