Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I Love My Job

Even though I'm totally swamped and I'm dreaming of CAKE. I have a cool cake to make for a retiring police officer this morning and that's ALL I've been able to think about since my alarm went off this morning.


Apparently this person likes to scrapbook.
Running theme.
The person who got this is going to put some Mario toys on the cake to go with the mushroom.
just pretty.
the stripes are actually purple.
Tiny cake!
Another tiny cake!
I love Hello Kitty!
So much so that I convinced people twice on Sunday to get a Hello Kitty cake.

Moving on... I'm a bad influence on my youngest. The other night we were watching Battlestar Galactica the second season, a scene comes up where Starbuck says "Bitch took my ride." Fabulous line. I chuckled about that for a while. Just this morning my sweet little Cabbage Patch said "Mom say the B word. Say what that girl said on that show, about her ride." I did and she was THRILLED. Now if I could only convince her that she shouldn't say piss.

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