Saturday, March 01, 2008

Mid Day Cake Update!

A 6 Year Old's Religious Perspective

Just had a conversation with Cabbage Patch and K about Easter and Passover - as in, they are coming up. K said, the kids don't really seem all that interested in Easter. Cabbage Patch pipes in that she's interested in Easter which prompts me to ask "So what's Easter about?" She hops around on the floor and says "That's when the bunnies hide the Easter eggs!" I give K a smug look and he asks her what Passover is about. Cabbage Patch says "I don't know." Not to let K have this one, I say "You know, that holiday when we usually sit on the floor and do the story." she says "And we wash our hands!" Thinking I had a victory I ask her who the story is about and she doesn't know nor does know how many questions are asked, but she DOES remember that I've done Puppet Theater Seder before and she liked that. K looked at me and said something smug and sarcastic about her not knowing about Passover and I remind him that at least she knew it was about more than bunnies hiding eggs. It's okay, I think her resistance to organized religion is due to her not being from this planet, because Super Girl knows all about Passover and even knows that Easter is when JC comes out of his cave, and if he sees his shadow we have 6 more weeks of winter... or something like that.

Back to work for me. Enjoy the cake!

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