Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Coming To A Screeching Halt

Today I was having a conversation with a co-worker as we decorated cakes. The conversation went to teen pregnancy and how her 13 year old had classmates who were pregnant, which is shocking and sad all at the same time. As the discussion continued I said "Goodness, my babies are small but the thought of that (the pregnant 13 year olds) makes me want to send my girls off to an all girls school." To which she replied "Yeah, but then you'd have to worry about her turning queer." I just shut up. I was appalled and knew that it was in my best interest (of keeping my job) to just say nothing even though I found her twisted fundamental Christian (yes she is a Christian and other than this a very nice person who seems smart) view on how girls being at an all girl school would be 'turned queer' just ignorant and insulting. At that moment I was reminded that I live in the Bible Belt where being open minded is frowned upon.

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