Monday, July 28, 2008

A Clean Slate

Tonight I spent a good chunk of the evening cleaning. First there was the helping of K to pack up some of his stuff. I actually didn't do much to help other than sit on the bed and read comic books. Eventually I did drift into the Tiny Terrorists room and start shoveling out that pig sty. When K left I ventured downstairs to the play area in search of the mislaid library book and ended up cleaning the entire living room. My living room. It fully dawned on me tonight that this is now Mi Casa not OUR Casa. And that makes me smile.

Moving on...

I'm considering getting a kitten. I think my kitty may be lonely since her sister has died. And maybe, just maybe a new face around here would make her less lonely... or more homicidal. Not sure, must consider a bit longer.

On The Terror Front

I'm already missing my Tiny Terrorists something fierce. They on the other hand are NOT missing me. Apparently it's a little slice of heaven down on the coast. Today when I spoke with my oldest sister she asked both of my progeny of they wanted to talk to me and they both politely declined. Nice.

Wednesday they head over to my dad's to visit for a couple of days and meet the step cousins (my step sister's kids).

And now CAKE!

Puppy cupcakes.
Kitten cupcakes.

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