Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Today hasn't got as planned. I haven't even gotten dressed today. Still not dressed. Nothing. Done nothing today other than try to get ahold of people on the phone. Stressful day. Can't get ahold of anyone. SUCKS! Bleh. Feeling like a big baby, pouty. No one wants to hear that shit though. Moving on...

Here's CAKE! I know you only come here for the cake so why disappoint. ;)

Yesterday I dropped a 30 lb box of frozen cookie dough on my arm. This is how it looked 5 minutes after the painful incident. It stung like a mutha for about 20 minutes then it stung every time my shirt brushed against it. Good times.
This is TODAY! More VIBRANT! More COLORFUL! 10% less painful though, probably because I didn't get dressed today.
A wedding shower cake. I think it's tacky. But... they loved it, it's what they wanted. Tacky, tacky, tacky.
I love this cake! It was ordered by one of my favorite customers - and not just because she recently ordered 3 cakes in 2 days.
So festive! I'm going to make one for my display case.
HATE this cake. Sometimes people shouldn't be allowed to design their own cakes.
The napkin brought in with the request for me to match.
The 5 inch baby cake to match.
The half sheet cake to match. Again, very satisfied customer. Loved doing this cake.

Okay, that's all, move along now.

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