Tuesday, January 27, 2004

By Moms For Moms

I'm convinced Valium was developed by mothers for other mothers. *sigh* I also belive Ritalin was developed on the same principal - by moms for kids. The same results is all that matters.

The little people are coming down with colds (yay me) and this makes them tired, cranky and hyper. Yes hyper. This is why I'm dreaming wistfully of Valium and Ritalin. The living room is littered with blocks and puzzle pieces. A recent inspection of the loud thumping in their room lead to the discovery (by me) of a small mud slide of books from their book shelf and one of their beds (toddler beds) turned over, I'm not sure what the loud thumping was but I think it had to do with one or both of them jumping. Oh yes and how can I forget - Cabbage Patch was sans pants. 20 minutes earlier I had found her in my bed with the blanket pulled over her head screaming 'Hide and seek!' to me, when I pulled the covers back I found a naked toddler. *sigh* Yes I know, naked and toddler go hand in hand. We had this conversation:

Me: Why are you naked?
Her: Naked!!
Me: Where are your clothes?
Me: Why are you naked?
Her: Wet
Me: Why are your clothes wet?
Her: I duno
Me: Put your clothes back on.
Her: *giggles* Naked!

Valium. Ritalin... hell I'd even settle for some Roofies. (just kidding)

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